Research Areas

IIIT-Delhi aims to have focused research groups in some areas of IT and some domain areas. The number and nature of research areas will evolve as more faculty and research staff joins. Current areas of research are listed below.

  • » Computer Graphics and Geometry
    Focus Areas: Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR), Volume visualisation, 3D reconstruction
  • » Image Analysis and Biometrics
    Focus Areas: Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Biometrics
  • » Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
    Focus Areas: Mobile Computing, Middleware, Pervasive Computing, Communication Networks, Applications in Sustainability and Healthcare, Human Sensing, Transportation, Technologies for Developing Regions
  • » Software Engineering & Programming Languages
    Focus Areas: Software quality, programmer productivity, software maintenance, mining software process data for knowledge extraction, static and dynamic program analysis and specification mining
  • » Wireless Systems
    Focus Areas: Wifi Network Optimization, Small Cell Networks, White Spaces, Localization, Vehicular Networks, Software Defined Radio and Cellular Radiation Measurement
  • » Advanced Electronic Systems
    Focus Areas: Software Defined Radio, Multiband and Broadband RF Circuits, Smart Antenna Systems, Biomedical Electronics and Applications, Wireless Network on Chip, Biomedical System and Sensor Development, Radar Sensor Design and Signal Processing, Ground Water Sensor Design and Signal Processing
  • » Information Security and Privacy
    Focus Areas: Digital Forensics, Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Theory and Practice of Cryptography, Cyber Crime, Privacy, Human Computer Interaction, Network Security, Traffic Analysis, Anonymity, Complex Networks, Privacy and Security in online Social Media (PSOSM), Usable Security
  • » Information Management and Data Analytics
    Focus Area: Databases, Data Mining, Mobile-P2P data management using economic models, Information Retrieval, Business Intelligence, Data Privacy and Access Control
  • » Theoretical Computer Science
    Focus Areas: Logic, Process Algebra, Reactive Systems, Verification, Cryptology, Cryptography, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Complexity Theory, Quantum Computation, Algorithms
  • » Computational and Systems Biology
    Focus Areas: Systems biology, Cell division cycle, Circadian rhythms, Computational cognitive neuroscience
  • » GeoInformatics
    Focus area: Geo-spatial Data Management, Data Warehousing, Database System Implementation
  • » Signal Processing
    Focus Areas: Compressed Sensing, Low rank matrix recovery, Biomedical Imaging, Information Hiding, Image & Video Forensics, Computer Vision, Image and Scene Understanding, Robust Statistical Methods, Pattern Recognition
  • » Scalable Systems
    Focus Areas: Computer Architecture, Performance Modeling of Computer Systems, Low Power Design, Energy efficient architectures, exascale computing challenges, performance portability, compilers, programming languages Distributed Systems and Networks, Concurrent and Parallel Computing
  • » Economics
    Focus Areas: Economics of Information, Consumer Privacy, Asymmetric Information in Credit and Insurance Markets, Credit Scoring

  • » Algebra, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Algebraic Coding Theory
    Anuradha Sharma, Samrith Ram, Sneha Chaubey
  • » Computational Mathematics, Scientific computing, PDEs, Numerical solutions of ODEs and PDEs, Mathematical Biology
    Ashish Kumar Pandey, Sarthok Sircar, Kaushik Kalyanaraman
  • » Ergodic Theory, Dynamical Systems
    Shilpak Banerjee
  • » Mathematical Logic, Foundations of Mathematics
    Sankha S Basu
  • » Statistics
    Monika Arora
  • » Mobile, Networks, Wireless and Optical Communication, Cognitive Radio, MIMO, RF Energy harvesting
    Anand, Pushpendra, Sanjit, Vinayak, Vivek, Sumit
  • » Circuits and Systems, VLSI, FPGA, CGRA
    Sujay, Mohammad, Sumit
  • » Signal Processing, Multimedia, Computational Imaging, Image Forensics, Biometrics
    Anubha, Pravesh, Subramanyam, Mayank, Richa, Angshul
  • » Embedded Systems, Robotics, Cyber-physical Systems, Distributed Systems
    Amarjeet, Sujit, Sambuddho
  • » Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Complex Systems, Recommender Systems
    Mayank, Richa, Angshul
  • » Image Processing, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Graphical models, Statistical Methods
    Mayank, Richa, Saket, Ojaswa, Anubha
  • » Security, Privacy, Cryptography
    Donghoon, PK, Sambuddho, Subramanyam
  • Algorithms, Logic, Verification, Quantum Computing, Compilers, Computational Geometry
    Rajiv, Debajyoti, Ojaswa
  • » Computer Architecture, Network on Chip, GPU Computing
    Sujay, Ojaswa
  • » Optimization, Complexity Theory, Graphs
    Rajiv, Debajyoti, Pravesh
  • » RF Systems, Microwave, Antenna, EMI, Sensor Circuit Design
    Mohammad, Shobha
  • Software Engineering, Program Analysis, Runtime Verification, Database
    Pankaj, Rahul, Vikram
  • » ICTD, HCI, Education, Healthcare, Energy Monitoring
    Anubha, Pushpendra, Sujay, Vinayak, PK, Amarjeet
  • » Systems Biology, Structural Biology, Biophysics

Technologies developed by our research groups are being used in multiple organizations across the country, including an IVR system to help low-literate people from rural background access information about jobs under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS)a Time and Presence Based monitoring and controls system for Telecommunication Consultants India Limited (TCIL) and a Face Recognition Tool for DIT, India.