Students' Code of Conduct

Students of IIIT Delhi must pledge that during their stay in the Institute they will abide by the following points of the Student Charter and will honour it in the best of their knowledge. They will

  • » Accept responsibility of their own learning and make successful learning their priority
  • » Read, accept and comply with all the College Rules and Regulations that are relevant to them.
  • » Respect the Institute’s environment, equipment and any other Institute property.
  • » Avoid the use of language that will offend others, use a vocabulary and style befitting their background and education and carry themselves with dignity at all times.
  • » Maintain good standards of behaviour when engaged in Institute activities including avoiding dangerous or reckless behavior.
  • » Display suitable behaviour to facilitate smooth conduct of classes and do all that is needed to facilitate their own learning and that of others.
  • » Respect fellow being’s privacy.
  • » Carry student ID card all times and show it when asked by a member of staff.
  • » Comply with all reasonable requests from Institute staff.
  • » Ensure that mobile phones are in silent mode before entering any teaching or academic space.
  • » Treat everyone with respect regardless of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion or belief.
  • » Accept any reasonable action taken by the Institute which results from nonfulfillment of these expectations.
  • » Maintain decorum and silence in academic/work areas of the institute and work in a manner that doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s work.