Internships @ IIIT-D


Students at IIIT- Delhi can opt for following kinds of internships only if they fulfill their academic requirement:

1) Summer Internship:

Duration - May - July (06 to max 08 weeks)

Eligibility - Only B.Tech students can go for a summer internship

2) Semester Long Internship:

Duration - January - June (04 to 06 months) 

Eligibility -

A) B.Tech students can go for a semester-long internship in their 8th semester (starting from January) post fulfilling academic requirements.

B) M.Tech can only go for a semester-long internship in their 4th semester (starting from January) post fulfilling academic requirements.

Note:- Internship is not a mandatory part of the IIITD curriculum. However, student/s can opt for the same.

Intern Hiring Process:

The company needs to get in touch with the placement cell & share their requirements along with JD & stipend.

Information is shared with the students & the process is further initiated by the placement cell.

Internship Policy:

We follow the "One Student One Internship" policy for all the above-mentioned internships. All offers are deemed to be accepted.

Code of Conduct:

1. A student once registered for the Internship offered through the placement cell needs to complete the process. Failing to do so, leads to debarment from the internship and the placement process. 


2: Rejecting an internship offer is not allowed, doing so leads to the debarment both from the further campus internship and campus placement process. 


3: Off-campus internships are not under the preview of the placement cell, but at the same time if a student is also participating through the campus process then if he/she is offered /selected in the campus process, he/she will have to go with the campus offer & the Off-Campus offer will not be considered.