Online Courses

IIIT-Delhi has evolved a system for allowing students to take online courses. Students can take advantage of the increasing number of such courses made available by reputed universities across the world to complement the courses offered in the institute.

As of now, B.Tech. students are allowed to register for online courses. Rules regarding the same are given below.

  • Students can register for online courses which provide a certificate of completion at the end.
  • For online courses only S/X grades is issued (which is not be counted towards computing of CGPA but is counted towards the number of credits required for degree).
  • Online courses cannot be done in the first four semesters. Though it is permitted in special cases. In general, permission is also not granted for the fifth semester as students should do the core courses offered by the institute.
  • Per semester at most 4 credits of online courses are permitted and at most 8 credits of online courses in the entire program. Moreover, per semester, at most one course out of IS/UR/IP/OC is permitted - however, this rule may be relaxed in extraordinary cases.
  • Registration for online courses requires the permission of the Dean/Chair of UG , who approves some online courses every semester.
  • Permission will not be given for courses which are also offered regularly by the institute.
  • To register for an online course an OC registration form has to be submitted duly signed by a supervising faculty. The supervising faculty will decide how the course will be evaluated and will be responsible for assigning a grade.