Within a few years of starting functioning, IIIT-Delhi gathered a good name in the academic circle, especially in India. Below are some verbatim comments from eminent academicians who have interacted regularly with IIIT-Delhi.

It is great that India has created another first rate educational institution. I hope others will follow your example of striving for excellence in education and research.
- John Hopcroft, Professor, Computer Science Department, Cornell University

I have been interacting with the Director since the Institute's inception and have seen its vision and faculty develop. I am confident, given the leadership and the high quality faculty the Institute has already recruited, that IIIT-Delhi will be one of the top Institutes for research and education in IT in India within a few years.
- Satish K. Tripathi, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo)

I see IIIT-D coming up in right earnest with innovative programs, and with serious studies and research as its base. It is also addressing all round development of the student through critical thinking, reading, and social work.
- Rajeev Sangal, Director, IIIT Hyderabad

I am following the development of IIIT Delhi very closely. It stands out for the planning, attention to detail, and a very personalized approach to recruitment that the Director of the Institute is bringing to this exercise. Creation of an institution of excellence is like a marathon run. The run has just started, and has started well. The toughest middle miles are still a long distance away. I am confident they can be run provided the Institute does not lose sight of the objectives and goals it has established. Good luck.
- S. N. Maheshwari, Professor of Computer Science and Ex-Dean, IIT Delhi

The most important parameter of success of an institute is the quality of faculty it attracts. IIIT Delhi has done an excellent job of recruiting high quality faculty in a very short time, and is already competing successfully with well established institutes in terms of attracting faculty. I am confident that the Institute will reach great heights as it matures further.
- Sanjeev K Aggarwal, Professor of Computer Science and Dean, IIT Kanpur

In today's knowledge economy, expansion of research and high quality education capacity is an imperative for any nation aspiring for high economic growth. IIIT Delhi is championing the model of self-sustainability, which has huge potential for scalability. From what I have seen in the last two years on how IIIT-Delhi is going about establishing its research and teaching programs, 'I am excited' is an understatement.
- M. Balakrishnan, Professor of Computer Science and Deputy Director, IIT Delhi

In a short time IIITD has brought together a strong internationally-trained multidisciplinary faculty with varied experience. Given the pace of CS/IT, these are wonderful leading indicators for a great institution in the making. And, the plans its Director has are sure to bear fruit in light of such faculty and supporting infrastructure that is being brought together.
- Krithi Ramamritham, Professor of Computer Science and ex-Dean, IIT Bombay

IIIT Delhi is the newest amongst the IIITs. Though it has been in the existence for only 3 years, it has already started making waves. It has been able to attract excellent faculty, start strong research programs, have a great curriculum, and everything else that you would want from a good institution.
- Dheeraj Sanghi, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, IIT-Kanpur