Word from Recruiters:

Akshra Tripathi Talent Acquisition Team Adobe

Our experience of hiring at IIITD campus has been extremely good & we would like to visit each year.

Our Alumni:

Kashish Chawla (BTech 2010) Software Engineer, Hikari Tsushin Inc, Tokyo, Japan

IIIT-Delhi has been an exceptional place till date. The kind of growth IIIT-Delhi has given, the exposure, the learning and the widened horizon towards life is not less than an asset to each one of us. The varied number of courses from core CSE to humanities and finance to community work, the flexibility in choosing your subjects makes us realize the true strengths and interest areas. Active student clubs, varied events and cultural activities all have contributed to a life long cherish-able college life. Strong research background of the institute and extremely hard working Placement Cell gave us infinite opportunities for choosing our domains ahead. 

In a nutshell, it feels proud to be a part of such an institution and I'm thankful to IIIT-Delhi for making us strong enough for professional careers ahead.

Ritika Jain (M.Tech 2012)-Infoedge

The time I spent at IIIT-D during my masters was the best time of my entire education span.The best thing about IIIT-D is that students feel energetic and enthusiastic towards education and career. The faculty here has been simply amazing, always approachable and welcome any questions. The institute staff is very supportive. The relief to the rigorous schedule and hard work is provided in the end by the placement department to whom I would like to give my  my special thanks. I will always keep on recommending everyone to pursue education from IIIT-D."

Suresh Rangaswamy (M.Tech 2013)- Hike .In

Over the last 2 years IIIT-Delhi has helped and guided me, academically as well as professionally. IIITD is built on the foundation of Learning as well as Research, it offers many interesting courses like Information Retrieval, Entrepreneurship, Human Centered Systems which encourages students to develop their own ideas and gain unique experiences, in Projects, Self growths and self study course you are guided by the experienced Faculty to take your ideas forward. Their are many Active groups as well that you can join like CERC which offer student opportunities with leading experts in the industry on some of the most engaging problems, giving them exposure to various fields at an early stage so they can build keen interest in the field.My short time at the institute was very fruitful. Thanks to the institute's actively pushing their students to the best they can be."

Jeevan Joshi (M.Tech 2013) Mathworks Banglore

People at IIIT-D are enthusiastic  who work tirelessly to bring the best to the campus. It's been an absolute pleasure to be associated with a campus  that mentors and encourages one to achieve the best. As part of the M.Tech program @ IIITD, I had the opportunity to work as teaching assistants to various courses besides being involved with Library and Placement Cell as well. My involvement with the Placement Cell has helped me develop management and communication skills, which shall certainly help me achieve my career goals. I owe my heartiest thanks to the Placement Cell @ IIITD."

Words from academicians:

Prof.John Hopcroft,Cornell University (Turing Award Winner): “It is great that India has created another first rate educational institution. I hope others will follow your example of striving for excellence in education and research.”

Prof.Satish K. Tripathi, Provost, SUNY Bufallo: “…I am confident, given the leadership and the high quality faculty the Institute has already recruited, that IIIT Delhi will be one of the top Institutes …within a few years.“ 

S. N. Maheshwari, Ex-Dean,IIT Delhi:“…IIIT Delhi stands out for the planning, attention to  detail,… provided the Institute does not lose sight of the objectives and goals.”

Prof.Rajeev Sangal, Director, IIIT Hyderabad: “I see IIIT Delhi coming up in right earnest  with innovative programs … also addressing all round development of the student.”

Sanjeev K Aggarwal, Dean, IIT Kanpur: “…IIIT Delhi has done an excellent job of recruiting high quality faculty in a very short time.”

M. Balakrishnan, Deputy Director, IIT Delhi:“...IIIT Delhi is championing the model of self-sustainability, which has huge potential for scalability.”

Krithi Ramamritham, ex-Dean, IIT Bombay: “In a short time IIIT Delhi has brought together a strong internationally-trained multidisciplinary faculty with varied experience.”