Our Alumni

Words from Alumni

Sagar Khurana (B.Tech  2015), Sorocco, India: “IIITD is the best thing that could have happened to me. IIITD prepares you for the world; the competitive environment & continuous deadlines pushes you beyond your limits and helps you understand the value of your work. This, combined with the academic effort to push practical projects into each course, enables you to develop the required skills and develop yourself into a professional being. I have grown beyond what I could have at some other place. The people and work here have always motivated me to follow my passions and push beyond my limits to achieve the best.”

Akash Deep Singh  (B.Tech  2014), Phd UCLA, Los Angeles: “From the get-go, the curriculum at IIIT-D focuses on learning by doing rather than on memorizing theory. The research facilities and guidance that is available at IIIT-D is second to none. Undergraduate students are encouraged to work on challenging research problems under the guidance of exceptionally skilled faculty members.
Students are allowed to choose from a wide variety of courses ranging from core subjects like 'Linear Algebra' to electives like 'Introduction to Philosophy'. Not just courses, IIIT-D also supports its students in any career path that they decide to pursue, be it industry, academia or entrepreneurship.
The Placement Cell at IIIT-D is proactive in helping students find the job that fits their skill-sets and aspirations perfectly. Around 100 companies visit the campus every year and offer jobs ranging all the way from core profiles like software development to non-technical jobs like consultants/analysts etc.”

Agam Singh Bajaj (B.Tech  2014), GS, India: “IIIT-Delhi finds itself achieving great feats in its small history thanks to it's unique approach in teaching and development. It differentiates itself from other institutions by having a faculty that is innovation and research driven. At any given time on campus, you would find students working on the newest technologies and fresh ideas. The courses provided are probably the most diverse set one would find and students get the freedom to pick and choose! With inclusion of Humanities, Math, Finance, Biology along with the core courses, the equal emphasis on horizontal as vertical growth is a fresh approach into producing a confident breed of Engineers. Then be it a higher education, or placements, the infrastructure in place viz Mentorships, Training and the efforts by the Placement cell ensure the bright future of students. Looking back I am forever grateful to this institute for taking me and piecing way for me to the career of my choice.”

Lakshit Tyagi (B.Tech  2014), Qualcomm, India: “In a very short span of time of its existence, IIITD has definitely become Mecca for IT enthusiasts. A well planned curriculum along with vast majority of courses and well renowned faculty guarantees high quality education. With extremely hard working and helpful Placement Cell, Institute offers vast amount of opportunities in various domains. It fills my heart with joy and pride unspeakable to be associated with the Institute of such stature. A heartiest thanks to Institute and all the people associated with it for being such a wonderful stepping stone for our careers.”

Yash Sadana (M.Tech  2016), Qualcomm, India: “IIITD is a great spot in terms of learning and polishing the skills of an individual. Since the day 1 my learning started, the faculties put tremendous amount of efforts to make courses more industrial oriented which helps us in surviving in this competitive world. IIITD provides lots of opportunities in terms of higher studies as well as getting jobs in reputed organizations. PlaceCom team make huge amount of efforts to get better companies every year and breaking their own placement records. The efforts made by PlaceCom and faculties are remarkable . Feel blessed to be a part of IIITD. ”

Anurag Chowdhury (M.Tech  2014), Graduate Research Assistant, Michigan State University, US: “My time spent at IIIT-D during my Master's has been instrumental in shaping my my current career path. I came to IIIT-D with hopes of being able to learn and conduct research in the latest and greatest in Computer Science. IIIT-D exceeded my expectations in all regards. The ability to choose your coursework and the opportunity to conduct research under guidance of some of the domain leading researchers speaks volumes about commitment of IIITD towards imparting high quality education and fostering strong research oriented work environment. I had a great learning experience with (Dr.) Mayank Vatsa and (Dr.) Richa Singh, which embarked me on my current pursuit. Also, the efforts made by placement cell @ IIITD is commendable for providing the students with their deserved employment opportunities.”

Pulkit Arora (B.Tech  2012), Adobe, India: “IIIT-Delhi is an exceptional place for IT enthusiasts. The variety of courses at offer here is immense. The faculty here puts in a lot of efforts to ensure high-quality education for the students, which has helped us perform well in our careers. The number of career oppurtunities you can choose from is enormous, includeing research, IT/software development, and non-tech options. I'd like to thank all the people driving this institute; without whom it wouldn't have been possible to achieve what we have today.”

Devyani Rohilla (B.Tech 2012), Trident:  “The best time of my whole education was when I landed up in IIITD. It has everything which is essential for a person's growth both academically and socially. The great emphasis on practical learning, industry-oriented courses and continuous learning and assessment moulded us in a way so that we can easily fit into our jobs and researches.”


Words from Academicians

Prof. John Hopcroft, Cornell University (Turing Award Winner):  “It is great that India has created another first rate educational institution. I hope others will follow your example of striving for excellence in education and research.”

Prof. Satish K. Tripathi, Provost, SUNY Buffalo:  “I am confident, given the leadership and the high quality faculty the Institute has already recruited, that IIIT Delhi will be one of the top Institutes within a few years.”

S. N. Maheshwari, Ex-Dean, IIT Delhi:  “IIIT Delhi stands out for the planning, attention to detail, … provided the Institute does not lose sight of the objectives and goals.”

Prof. Rajeev Sangal, Director, IIIT Hyderabad:  “I see IIIT Delhi coming up in right earnest with innovative programs … also addressing all round development of the student.”

Sanjeev K Aggarwal, Dean, IIT Kanpur:  “IIIT Delhi has done an excellent job of recruiting high quality faculty in a very short time.”

M. Balakrishnan, Deputy Director, IIT Delhi:  “IIIT Delhi is championing the model of self-sustainability, which has huge potential for scalability.”

Krithi Ramamritham, ex-Dean, IIT Bombay: “In a short time IIIT Delhi has brought together a strong internationally-trained multidisciplinary faculty with varied experience.”