Facility Management Services


S.No. Designation Name Extension Mobile No. Email
1 Project cum Estate Officer Sanjay Roy 563 - sanjay@iiitd.ac.in
Maintenance Team
1 Facility Manager Mayank Parashar  560 9711279230 iiitd@avonfms.com
2 Electrical Supervisor Mukesh Pandey 567 8010171555 inventory-facilities@iiitd.ac.in
3 Electrical Supervisor (Night Shift) Satish Yadav  567 9953646122 inventory-facilities@iiitd.ac.in
4 HVAC Supervisor Ganesh 420/566 9899949873 admin-facilities@iiitd.ac.in

Complaint Management

A help desk has been set up 24X7 to receive all the complaints
  • » The Helpdesk can be contacted through Email, software link or mobile as follows:
    1. » Email Id - admin-facilities@iiitd.ac.in.
    2. » Admin helpdesk Portal link
    3. » Mobile No - 9868878433 and Extn 420/566.
    4. » Whatsapp -9868878433
  • » Any complaints pertaining to facilities such as AC, Electricity, plumbing, housekeeping, lift etc. can be addressed to help desk.
  • » On receipt of the complaint the Helpdesk issues a complaint number which is sent by a response email. In case the complaint has been registered on Helpdesk mobile number the complaint number will be given verbally.
  • » The Helpdesk Executive thereafter assigns the complaint to the concerned individual in the FMS team.
  • » Complaints which requires the assistance of the Project team, external agency or OEM will be informed to FM and GM(Ops). The expected time to address such complaints will be informed to the complainant. (eg. RO, Lift, Breakages etc.).
  • » On completion of the work. The Helpdesk informs the complainant.
  • » The Complaint will be closed subject to confirmation by the complainant.
  • » SLA:
    1. » The SLA for complaints requiring urgent action such as non-availability of power supply, non-functional HVAC, Water supply disruption, clean ship etc will be will be addressed within 2 hrs.
    2. » The SLA for other complaints of general nature will be 24 Hrs.
AC and Heating Schedule for Hostel: Click Here
Cleaning Schedule
  • » The Housekeeping staff is available in Campus in two shifts as follows:-
    • » 7 to 4 pm Number of staff available 41
    • » 11 to 8 pm Number of staff available 1
  • » The housekeeping staff during this period is deployed in various areas which include hostel, Dining block, Academic and lecture Block, Library , External road area, and faculty residence.
  • » Soft Services that is the housekeeping to maintain the cleanliness. Certain important schedules are as per following:Soft Services that is the housekeeping to maintain the cleanliness. Certain important schedules are as per following:
    • » Hostel
      Floor Cleaning Daily
      Toilet Cleaning Daily three times
      Stairs Cleaning Daily
      Common room cleaning Daily
      Lifts Cleaning Daily
      Hostel room cleaning As required by the student once in two days
      Fans and lights cleaning Once in a month or on your request
    • » Other Buildings
      Floor Cleaning Daily
      Toilet Cleaning Daily three times
      Glass Cleaning inside Daily
      Stairs Cleaning Daily
      Garbage Removing Daily
      Lifts Cleaning Daily
      Office cleaning Daily/As required by faculty/staff 
      Roads Daily
      Common Area Daily
      Labs/Classrooms Daily
      Fans and lights cleaning Once in a month or on your request
      facade glass cleaning outside Once in a month
Fire Drills
  • » Fire drill for Hostels, Academic Block and Library will be conducted once every semester. The schedule will be promulgated in advance.
Handling Medical Emergency

Emergency Contact No : 011-26907531. For details click here

  • » In order to provide 24X7 medical cover for our Faculty, Staff and students both staying in hostel and day scholars the Institute has set up an Infirmary at Ground Floor in the girl's hostel.
  • » Dr. RK Katharya B.Sc, MBBS, FCPG will be available at our premises from Monday to Saturday between -15:30-16:30 hrs.
  • » A qualified Nurse Ms. Neha Dhiman is normally available from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 A.M to 5.30 P.M (except during lunch break from 12.30 p.m to 1.30 p.m), Ms. Neha can also be reached at Ext: 531. She can also be contacted on mobile No: 9650907449.
Visitors Policy
  • » All Courier boys will enter through Gate No 1 and after parking their vehicle in main parking shall be directed to the security guard at the GF old building/reception for delivery of courier. No courier boy will be allowed access inside the building
  • » All Food delivery boys will enter through Gate No 1 and after parking their vehicle in the main parking shall be directed to reception for delivery of Food. No courier boy will be allowed access inside the building". The food items will be collected directly from delivery boy at reception only.
  • » Gate No 1: Visitor entry to the campus is allowed from 8 am to 10 pm through Gate No 1.
  • » Any visitor coming to the building complex can gain entry through Gate No 1 only after confirmation from the staff members whom the visitor intends to meet or in the case of non-availability of the member, a confirmation has to be obtained from GM(Ops). Before a visitor is allowed access, his details would be logged in the provided register along with the car numbers. Visitors will only be allowed access through entry gate.
  • » All visitors entering campus are under CCTV surveillance and the number plate is recorded by the camera.
  • » After obtaining due clearance for the access, as mentioned above, the visitors coming in self-driven cars will be requested to park their car in the Parking Area near Academic Block.
  • » Any visitor coming to the complex in a chauffeur driven car will be treated in the same manner as mentioned above except that the car will be allowed to drop the visitor at the intended destination but the driver will have to come back to the Parking Area and wait for the call.
  • » Any visitor coming with a staff member in his/her car or otherwise will be dealt with as an isolated visitor and subjected to all formalities of a visitor.
  • » At the time of departure, the visitor informs his departure and the time will be entered in the visitor register.
  • » Gate No 3: The Gate remains open from 6 am to 11 pm. The entry through this gate is restricted to following employees:
    1. » Faculty and staff
    2. » Students using pathway
    3. » Faculty visitors are allowed through gate No 3
Parking Policy
  • » The vehicles entering the IIITD Campus shall do so from Gate No 1. The Faculty staying inside the campus and their visitors may also use Gate No. 3.
  • » Resident Students are not allowed to park or use their personal vehicles inside the campus.
  • » Overnight parking is not allowed inside the campus except by resident faculty.
  • » The vehicles entering the IIITD Campus shall keep themselves to the left of the road. The campus is a No Horn Zone and a maximum speed of 20 km/hr is permissible.
  • » All Faculty/staff and students using their vehicles will display the sticker of IIITD. All visitors’ vehicles shall do the necessary registration at the main gate at entry.
  • » Parking Zone: Please ensure that the vehicles are parked at only designated places as follows:-
    1. » Students- Designated parking is in front of Academic Block, Bay no 3.
    2. » Faculty/Staff/Visitors- Designated parking is in front of the academic block.
  • » Penalty for Violation: Any vehicle reported by Faculty/Officers/SC/Security for violation of the above guidelines will be fined Rs 200/-.