IIIT Delhi provides accommodation to students wishing to reside in the hostels. At present, there are four hostels, three for the boys having 508, 394 & 280 beds and another for the girls with 380+10(Dormitory) seats. Also, there are 22 married hostel accommodations available for married PhD students. Each room in all the hostels is provided with furniture needed by a student - bed, table, chair, bookshelf, cupboard, etc. The rooms are provided night time air conditioning in summers, and heating in winters. High-speed Internet connectivity is also available in hostels. At present, the hostels have options of single, double and triple occupancy air-conditioned rooms. The rooms are provided night time air conditioning in peak summers, and heating in peak winters (Schedule for AC). There are 4 guest rooms available at the hostels for guests visiting the institute. All hostel students are completely free to move around the campus at all times, and some of the study areas are open 24x7 for the benefit of students. In order to provide 24X7 medical cover to our Faculty, Staff and students both who are hostellers and day scholars, the Institute has setup an Infirmary at Ground Floor in the Girl's Hostel.

There is a common mess for the boys and girls which function during the working semester and breaks. Air conditioning is provided in the mess during lunch time. During the winter and summer vacations, a special mess is run for students who are required to stay in the hostels for pursuing academic, sports or cultural activities. It is compulsory for all hostel residents to avail the mess facilities. Day-scholars can eat in the mess by paying the meal cost as notified. In addition to the common mess, there are two cafeterias, one located in the academic building and the other in the common mess building which caters to the needs of the students and faculty. The Dining and Recreation Centre contains the students' mess, facilities for extracurricular activities, such as a music room, art room, table tennis, pool tables and a gymnasium which are spread over three floors. Cafeteria, ATM facility, stationery shop and open space for students are available at the ground floor. Life at IIIT-Delhi is more than just classes and homework’s. Several student clubs in the institute enable students to enhance talents in areas beyond academics.

Each hostel also has a Hostel Committee which is an advisory body comprising the Dean (Student Affairs) and the elected student representatives as its members. The Hostel Committee also coordinates with the Mess Committee for the running of the mess. Students can relax in the evenings or on holidays, or spend their leisure time in the Common Room which is equipped with a TV, newspapers and magazines. Sports and other recreational facilities are available on the upper floors of the dining building.

An external security agency has been contracted for providing security at the hostels. The services of the security personnel are monitored by the GM-Facility Management Services (FMS). Besides, a Mess Committee is also formed out of representatives from hostel committees and day scholars. The Mess Committee monitors the quality, taste and hygiene of the food served in the mess. They also interface with the mess vendor to provide him with the feedback of students and effect changes in the weekly menu. Periodical review and inspection of the quality of food items also form part of their duties.

Contact: Hostel related communications shall be done via only Emails sent to any other email id will not be entertained.