We know college professors have less time and a big responsiblity of spreading knowledge effectively. With Backpack, you can organize your class and communicate with students effortlessly, ultimately saving time and teaching better.You can post resources, give assignments, make announcements, start polls and much more in just a few seconds. All your students are instantly notified and you can keep track of their activity. For more information visit-


Zenatix installs energy monitoring equipment such as smart meters and controllers. They set up cloud based software for real time monitoring of your energy consumption. The data from smart meters is stored in the cloud, and can be visualized on our software. Zenatix runs advanced analytics on the collected data.They recommend energy saving measures & benchmark your consumptions. For more information visit-


Know and Connect with your Netas

Follow their updates, join discussions and view their report cards, assets, criminal records and more

Report and Discuss Local Issues

Report issues with your phone and discuss other civic issues in your area

Access Public Spending Information

Find out about public (your) money spent on the issues that you face

Is baar vote do, Samajhdaari se

It is time for Issue based Politics. Follow their updates and have a discussion with them directly

Access their Information, Ask them questions or participate in already active discussions.You can also access information about your public representatives like their

  • Educational background criminal records (if any)
  • How do they make their money, their assets and liabilities
  • Policy stand on key issues and past votes on bills in the assembly

 For more information visit-


We live in a network. We interact with the people in the network regularly. On Wizters, you do the same with the people in your network, but anonymously. You don't have to worry about names or fake names. Wizters does it very nicely for you. You are given a random contextual (and funny) name for everything you do on Wizters. Be it commenting, sharing, liking, disliking or chatting. On Wizters you can send private and anonymous messages to people in your network or outside your network. The anonymity is ensured during the conversation. For more information visit-

Find A Way:

Find A Way is a group of college students who are trying, in their own small way, to make a difference. All we have is the idea that we too can change the world, and some technological abilities that we think can help us achieve that goal.

We know how tough it is for people to extract time from their busy schedules and actively carry out their social responsibility. Also, there are many NGOs that are working hard to gather funds and other resources to support worthy causes but are making less leeway than they ought to.

Our organisation works in close collaboration with such NGOs to help their causes gain momentum using mass media initiatives. Our various projects are designed to help NGOs gather funds better and to help them reach out to a wider audience.

We use our technological know-how to bring NGOs to your doorstep and act as a bridge between them and you, so that you can support the cause closest to your heart without investing too much time and effort. Find A Way does the work for you while you contribute to society and still carry on with your busy life.  For more information visit-