B.Tech. Fee Waiver

1. Prof. Pankaj Jalote’s Laptop scheme for the first year UG students from financially weaker families. (PDF) Gif Image

2. IIITD Income Linked Fee Waiver Scheme

  • IIIT-Delhi has Income linked fee waiver scheme for Delhi students. This scheme is only for Delhi students. Below is the criteria:
Criteria % Fee Waiver
Parents are in the Below Poverty Line Category 100
Gross Income of parents in service is up to Rs.6.0 Lakh p.a. (Rs 3.60 Lakh p.a. for those having business income) and last school fee paid is less than Rs.0.45 Lakh p.a. 50
Gross Income of parents in service is between Rs.6.0 Lakh and Rs.8.0 lakh p.a. (Rs.4.80 Lakh  p.a.  for  those  having  business  income)  and  last school fee paid is less than Rs.0.60 Lakh p.a. 25


  1. Even if one parent has business income, the limit for business income will be applicable for the combined income.
  2. Fee waiver is for a period of 04 years only and a student needing additional time to complete credits (including those who repeat the first year) will not get any fee waiver in the 5th year and beyond.
  3. For those eligible for Delhi Government Merit cum Means scholarship scheme must apply on their portal as per their schedule. Failure to apply for Delhi Government scheme makes them ineligible for IIITD Income linked fee waiver.

3. Delhi Government Merit Cum Mean Scholarship Scheme 2019 (Online || PDF)

Further details about these schemes and application process etc will be made available later.


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