Winter Semester, 2012

Winter semester 2012 starts on 2nd January, 2012 and ends on 7th May, 2012.

Courses for the semester are given below (the list of all courses is here).

Courses for Winter 2012

Course Title Instructor(s) Lecture Tutorial/Lab Type Other information


Data Structures & Algorithms Vikram Goyal Mon, Thur: 09.30-11.15, CR3

Tut: Mon: 11.15-13.00, CR1

Thurs:14.00-15.45, CR3

1st year core

Tut-Mon: Group 1,2/ Thur: Group 3,4

Lab:Mon-Gp3, Tue-Gp4, Wed-Gp1, Fri-Gp-2

CSE112 Computer Organization Subhasis Banerjee

Tue: 11.15-13.00, CR3

Fri: 14.00-15.45, CR3

Lab: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 15.45-17.30 1st year core

Lab: Mon-Gp1, Tue-Gp2, Wed-Gp3, Fri-Gp-4

MTH201 Probability and Statistics PK

Tue: 9.30-11.15, CR3

Fri: 11.15-13.00, CR3

Tut: Wed:09.30-11.15, CR4,5

Thurs: 14.00-15.45, CR1, Lab-2

1st year core

Tut-Wed: Group 3,4 / Thur: Group 1,2

ECE101 Basic Electronic Circuits R. N. Biswas

Mon: 14.00-15.45, CR3

Wed: 11.15-13.00, CR3

Tut: 11.15-13.00, CR2, 5

Tut: 09.30-11.15, CR3,5

1st year core

Tut-Mon:Group 3,4/ Wed: Group 1,2

Lab: Mon-Gp2, Tue-Gp3, Wed-Gp4, Fri-Gp-1

CSE202 Fundamentals of Database Systems Ashish Sureka

Tue: 15.45-17.30, CR4

Fri: 14.00-15.45, CR4

Lab: Thur: 9.00-11.15 2nd year core Lab: All Groups
CSE222 Analysis and Design of Algorithms Debajyoti Bera

Mon: 11.15-13.00, CR4

Thur: 14.00-15.45, CR4

Lab: Wed: 9.00-11.15 2nd year core Lab: All Groups
CSE232 Computer Networks Pushpendra Singh

Mon: 14.00-15.45, CR4

Wed: 11.15-13.00, CR4

Lab: Mon: 9.00-11.15 2nd year core Lab: All Groups
ESC202 Digital Communication Saket Srivastava Tue, Fri: 11.15-13.00, CR1 Lab: Tue: 9.00-11.15 & 17.30-19.30 2nd year
ESC elective
Lab: All Groups
ESC204 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods Saket Srivastava, Mayank Vatsa

Tue: 14.00-15.45, CR1

Thur: 11.15-13.00, CR1

  2nd year
ESC elective
HSS101 Technology and Society Leon Morenas (Guest)

Tue: 14.00-15.45, CR4

Thur: 11.15-13.00, CR4

  UG HSS elective  
HSS202 Perspectives on Knowledge Levin NR (Guest)

Wed: 14.00-15.45, CR1

Fri: 09.30-11.15, CR1

  UG HSS elective  
HSS204 Introduction to Psychology Arvinder Grover (Guest)

Wed: 14.00-15.45, CR3

Fri: 09.30-11.15, CR3

  UG HSS elective
(except 1st yr)
HSS205 Introduction to Sociology Duru Arun-Kumar (Guest)

Wed: 14.00-15.45, CR5

Fri: 09.30-11.15, CR5

  UG HSS elective  
HSS206 Introduction to Film Studies Parul Tyagi (Guest)

Wed: 14.00-15.45, CR4

Fri: 09.30-11.15, CR4

  UG HSS elective
(except 1st yr)
HSS207 Human Values and Professional Ethics Mukul Sinha (Guest)

Tue: 14.00-15.45, CR3

Thur: 11.15-13.00, CR3

  UG HSS elective  
3rd & 4th Year UG
CSE342 Pattern Recognition Richa Singh Mon, Thur: 9.30-11.15, CR1 Tut: Fri:15.45-17.30, CR1 UG IAMI stream co-taught with CSE542
CSE344 Computer Vision Mayank Vatsa

Tue: 11.15-13.00, CR3

Thur: 14.00-15.45, CR

    co-taught with CSE544
COM301 Technical Communication Pankaj Jalote, Hemant Kumar

Mon: 11.15-13.00, CR2

Thur: 14.00-15.45, CR2

  UG core
DES301 Exploring Visual Design Lalit Das (Guest) Thur: 9.30-13.00, CR5   UG Design stream
ECO301 Introduction to Economic Analysis Shreemoy Mishra Mon, Wed: 15.45-17.30, CR3   UG Economics stream
ENT402 Entrepreneurship: Managing a Venture Pankaj Jalote, Hemant Kumar Tue: 15.45-17.30, CR2   UG Entrepreneurship stream
2 credit
FIN402 Valuation and Portfolio Management Sachin Kakkar (Guest) Sat: 9.30-13.00, CR3   UG Finance stream
ENV301 The Earth System: An Environmental Science Perspective Raja Sengupta

Mon: 11.15-13.00, CR5

Thur: 14.00-15.45, CR5

PHY302 Semiconductors and Optics Subhash Chopra (Guest) Wed: 11.15-13.00 & 14.00-15.45, CR2   UG Physics stream
All these are electives for both UG & PG (unless explicitly specified)
CSE508 Information Retrieval Srikanta Bedathur

Mon: 14.00-15.45, CR1

Wed:11.15-13.00, CR1

  MTech(DE) elective
CSE522 Verification of Reactive Systems Astrid Kiehn Mon, Wed: 15.45-17.30, CR2   UG Theory stream
CSE524 Theory of Modern Cryptography Somitra Sanadhya, Debajyoti Bera

Tue: 09.30-11.15, CR2

Fri: 11.15-13.00, CR2

  UG Theory stream
CSE535 Mobile Computing Vinayak Naik

Mon: 11.15-13.00, CR3

Wed:09.30-11.15, CR4

  UG Mobile computing stream
CSE537 Embedded Systems Amarjeet Singh

Tue: 14.00-15.45, CR2

Thur: 11.15-13.00, CR2

  UG Mobile computing stream
UG CSA stream
CSE538 Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Sanjit Kaul

Tue: 15.45-17.30, CR1

Fri: 14.00-15.45, CR1

  UG Mobile computing stream
CSE539 Cellular Data Networks Soshant Bali

Tue: 15.45-17.30, CR3

Fri: 14.00-15.145, CR2

  UG Mobile computing stream
CSE542 Pattern Recognition Richa Singh Mon, Thur: 9.30-11.15, CR1 Tut: Fri:15.45-17.30, CR-1 PG only co-taught with CSE342
CSE544 Computer Vision Mayank Vatsa

Tue: 11.15-13.00, CR3

Thur: 14.00-15.45, CR-

  PG only co-taught with CSE344
CSE606 Data Warehousing Anirban Mondal

Tue: 09.30-11.15, CR4

Fri: 11.15-13.00, CR4

  MTech(DE) elective
CSE607 Financial Data Analytics Anirban Mondal Fri: 15.45-17.30, CR2   2 credit
CSE645 Digital and Cyber Forensics Gaurav Gupta Mon, Thur: 9.30-11.15, CR2   UG Security and Privacy stream
MTech(IS) elective
CSE793A Topics in Cryptanalysis Somitra Sanadhya Mon, Wed: 15.45-17.30, CR1    
ESC504 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods Saket Srivastava, Mayank Vatsa

Tue: 14.00-15.45, CR1

Thur: 11.15-13.00, CR1

  PG(only) elective

Classroom legend: CR1: Class room 1, CR2: Class room 2, CR3: Class room 3, CR4: Class room 4, CR5: Class room 5, MR: Meeting Room.