Monsoon Semester, 2011

Monsoon semester 2011 starts on 1st August, 2011 and ends on 9th December, 2011.

Courses for the Monsoon 2011 semester are given below (the list of all courses is here).

Courses for Monsoon 2011

Course Title Instructor(s) Lecture Tutorial/Lab Type Other information


Introduction to Programming Shishir Nagaraja

Mon 11:15-13:00
Wed 09:30-11:15

Tue 09:30-11:15,
Fri   11:15-13:00
1st year core For Lab:
CSE111 Digital Circuits R.N. Biswas Mon 09:30-11:15
Thur 09:30-11:15

Mon 15:45-17:30,
Tue 15:45-17:30,
Fri    09:15-11:15,
Fri    14:00-16:00

Wed, Group1,2: 14.30-15.30 Wed, Group 3,4: 15.45-16.45

1st year core For Lab:
Group2:Fri AM,
Group3:Fri PM,
MTH100 Mathematics J.Jena,

Untill Mid Sem Exam:              Wed, Thur 8.00-9.30, CR3

After Mid Sem Exam:       Tue, Thur 11:15-13:00

Wed 11:15-13:00, CR2,3         Thur 11:15-13:00, CR1,2       
1st year core For Lab:
Group1,2: Wed
Group3,4: Thur
CSE131 System Management Amarjeet Singh Mon, Thur 14:00-15:45

Tue 14:00-15:45,
Wed 11:15-13:00

1st year core For Lab:
Group3,4: Wed
COM101 Communication Skills Rekha Shorey, K.M. Pathi

Fri 09:30-13:00, 14:00-17:30, CR3,5


  1st year compulsory  
CSE201 Advanced Programming Pushpendra Singh Mon, Thur 14:00-15:45
Lab: Mon, Thur 09:30-11:15 2nd year core For Lab:
CSE231 Operating Systems Vinayak Naik

Tue, Thur 11:15-13:00

Lab: Wed, Fri 14:00-15:45 2nd year core For Lab:
Group 3,4:Wed,
Group 1,2:Fri
MTH201 Probability and Statistics Richa Singh Tue, Fri 09:30-11:15
Tut: Fri, 11:15-13:00 CR2,4 2nd year core For Tut:
ESC201 Transducer and Signal Conditioning Vijander Singh Mon 11:15-13:00,
Wed 09:30-11:15
Tut: Fri, 09.00-10.30, CR1 2nd year elective  
ESC203 Signal and Systems Subhasis Banerjee Mon 11:15-13:00,
Wed 09:30-11:15
Tut: Fri 09.30-11.15, CR4 2nd year elective  
COM201 Critical Reading Parul Tyagi, K.M. Pathi Tue 14:00-17:30,             Wed 11:15-13:00,                14:00-15:45, CR4,5 - 2nd year

Group 3,4: Tue

Group 1,2: Wed


CSE300 Software Engineering Ashish Sureka Mon 11:15-13:00,
Wed 09:30-11:15 CR1
  3rd year UG  
CSE310 Digital Hardware Design Saket Srivastava Mon, Thur 14.00-15.45, Hardware Lab   UG elective,CSA stream
CSE340 Image Analysis Mayank Vatsa Tue, Fri 09:30-11:15, CR1 - UG elective, IAMI stream
CSE343 Machine Learning Mayank Vatsa,
Richa Singh
Tue, Fri 14:00-15:45, CR1 - UG elective, IAMI stream
  All of these are UG/PG electives (unless otherwise specified)  
CSE500 Secure Coding Aditya Kakrania Sat, 14.00-17.30, CR3 - S&P stream
MTech(IS) elective
CSE506 Data Mining Anirban Mondal Mon, Wed 15:45-17:30, CR3   IMDA stream
MTech(DE) elective
CSE507 Database System Implementation Vikram Goyal Mon, Thur 09:30-11:15, CR2 - IMDA stream
MTech system core, MTech(DE) elective
CSE511 Computer Architecture Subhasis Banerjee Mon, Wed 15.45-17.30, CR - CSA stream
CSE521 Logic for Computer Science Astrid Kiehn Tue, Fri 09:30-11:15, CR2, MR Tut: Wed 08:30-09:30 Theory stream
MTech theory core
CSE523 Randomized Algorithm Debajyoti Bera Wed, Fri 11:15-13:00, CR1 Tut: Wed 14:00-15:45 Theory stream
MTech theory core
CSE540 Image Analysis Mayank Vatsa Tue, Fri 09:30-11:15, CR1   PG Elective
CSE543 Machine Learning Mayank Vatsa, Richa Singh Tue, Fri 14:00-15:45, CR1   IAMI stream
PG Elective
CSE545 Foundations of Computer Security PK Mon, Thur 14:00-15:45, CR1   S&P stream
MTech(IS) elective
CSE546 Applied Cryptography Somitra Sanadhya Tue, Thur 11:15-13:00, CR3 (until Mid Sem Exam, thereafter CR1)

Lab: Mon 9:30-11:15 (Gp1)

Tue 9:30-11:15 (Gp2), CR3

S&P stream, Theory stream
MTech theory core, MTech(IS) elective
CSE605 Introduction to Geospatial Data Management Raja Sengupta Tue 14.00-15.45, CR2 Lab: Fri 14.000-15.45, Lab-4 MTech(DE) elective
CSE647 Mobile and Cellular Network Security Gaurav Gupta Mon, Thur 09:30-11:15, CR1 - Mobile Computing stream
MTech systems core, MTech(IS) elective
CSE691A Application Development for Web 2.0 Social Media Platforms Ashish Sureka Tue 15:45-17:30, CR1 - Special Topics in Software
MTech software core
(2 credit)
CSE694B Building Distributed Sensing Systems Amarjeet Singh, Vinayak Naik, Pushpendra Singh Wed 09:30-11:15, CR2 - Course has been cancelled for this semester
CSE694C Privacy and Security in Online Social Media PK Fri 15:45-17:30, CR1 - Special Topics in Systems
(2 credit)
CSE694D Privacy in Location-Based Services Vikram Goyal Tue 11.15-13.00, CR5   Special Topics in Systems
(2 credit)
CSE705 Database Methods in Information Retrieval Srikanta Bedathur Mon, Thur 14:00-15:45, CR4 - MTech(DE) elective
  All of these are UG electives (unless otherwise specified)  
FIN401 Finance Sachin Kakkar  Sat 9.30-13.00, CR3 - UG elective, Finance stream
PHY301 Physics Subhash Chopra Wed 11:15-13:00, MR           Wed 14:00-15:45, CR2 - UG elective, Physics stream
Introduction to Biotechnology
Anuj Dhariwal Sat 14.00-17.30, CR1 - UG elective, Biology stream
ENT401 Entrepreneurship as a Career Hemant Kumar, Pankaj Jalote Mon 11:15-13:00, CR2 - 4th Year UG Elective
2 credit
PHS501 Integrated Health Information Architectures Amarjeet, Guest Faculty Flexible Schedule - UG/PG Elective

Classroom legend: CR1: Class room 1, CR2: Class room 2, CR3: Class room 3, CR4: Class room 4, CR5: Class room 5, MR: Meeting Room.