Ram Krishna Ghosh

Assistant Professor (ECE)
PhD (2013), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Dr. Ram Krishna Ghosh obtained his Ph.D. from the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2013. He has experience in computational nanoelectronics, particularly in the area of 'materials-devices co-design' of next-generation CMOS and beyond CMOS computing. He has worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Notre Dame, USA. He has been a DST Inspire Faculty at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, before joining IIIT-Delhi. He is the recipient of the Best Ph.D. thesis award (Tag Corporation Medal) from the Council of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is also a recipient of Inspire Faculty Award from DST and the Early Career Research Award from SERB.

His current research interests include computational materials design (primarily, ab-initio Density Functional Theory and Molecular Dynamics simulations), quantum transport simulations, and multiscale modeling of emerging electronic, spintronic, and photovoltaic devices.


Phone: 011-26907367
Email: rkghosh@iiitd.ac.in
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/rkghosh
Office: B-601 (R&D Block)

Research Interests: 
Computational nanoelectronics, spintronics, quantum transport simulation, device modeling, materials modeling, and multiscale modeling
Teaching Interests: 
Electronics, Semiconductor Device Physics, Nanoscale Devices, Advanced CMOS and beyond CMOS Devices, Quantum Materials and Devices, etc.