Research Seminars at IIIT-Delhi AY 2017-18

IIIT-Delhi holds a technical seminar (almost) every week during the regular semesters that is open to everyone interested.

Academic Year 2017-2018

Speaker Title Date  
Dr. B.V. Rathish Kumar from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur An Overview of Domain Decomposition Method in Modeling and Simulation of Fluid Flows and Heat Transfer Apr 19, 2018 Event Happenings
Dr. K. P. Naveen from Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati A double-auction mechanism for mobile data-offloading markets with strategic agents Apr 12, 2018 Event Happenings
Prof. Sandeep Sen from IIT Delhi Randomized techniques in algorithm design Apr 6, 2018 Event Happenings
Dr. B. N. Bharath from Indian Institute of Technology, Dharwad How Good is Drift-Plus-Penalty Algorithm for Solving Distributed Stochastic Optimization Problems? Apr 5, 2018 Event Happenings
Prof. M. Balakrishnan from IIT Delhi ASSISTECH work on affordable solutions for the visually impaired and challenges in building a high quality technical institution in India Apr 5, 2018 Event Happenings
Prof. D. Manjunath from IIT Bombay Relevant Research: Doing state of the art with locally inspired problems Apr 2, 2018 Event Happenings
Prof. Ranjan Bose from IIT Delhi Challenges and Opportunities in Secure Wireless Communications, Higher Education and Research Mar 26, 2018 Event Happenings
R. Venkatesh from TCS Research, Pune. Software verification : Trends and Challenges Mar 22, 2018 Event Happenings
Dr. Sayan Ranu from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Influence Maximization on Social Network: The state of the art and the gaps that remain Mar 15, 2018 Event Happenings
Prof. Anirban Pathak (JIIT Noida) Quantum Cryptography: A journey into the world of unconditionally secure communication Mar 7, 2018 Event Happenings
Prof. Tyll Kr├╝ger from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Epidemic spreading on directed networks and twitter cascades Feb 21, 2018 Event Happenings
Dr. Anirban Dasgupta, Associate Professor from IIT Gandhinagar Randomized numerical linear algebra in machine learning and data sciences Feb 8, 2018 Event Happenings
Dr. Yogesh Wadadekar from National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, TIFR Petascale Computing Challenges in Astronomy Feb 1, 2018 Event Happenings
Professor Robert H Logie from University of Edinburgh Preserving and forgetting in human and digital memory Jan 29, 2018 Event Happenings
Dr. Emilie Chouzenoux Optimization at Scale Nov 8, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Vinod Kumar, DU Clocks, Rhythms and Calendar in Songbirds Nov 7, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Amitava Das, Department of Computer Sc. at IIIT, Sri City NLP + Computational Social Science - The Emerging Trend Nov 2, 2017 Event Happenings
Mr Greg, Kemnitz, Former Director of Data Management, Guardian Analytics., USA Postgres: Past and Future Nov 1, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr Nimmi Rangaswamy, IIIT, Hyderabad Skilling India: Anthropology of IT Tutoring in times of Work Automation Oct 26, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Abhik Ghosh (ISI Kolkata) Minimum Distance Inference in High-dimensional Data: Past, Present and Future Oct 12, 2017 Event Happenings
Prof. Byrav Ramamurthy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA SDN-managed Network Architectures for Classifying and Securing Data-intensive Science Traffic Oct 10, 2017 Event Happenings
Prof. Chandra R. Murthy from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Role of Sparsity in 5G Communications Sep 14, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Deepak Nair, RCB. DNA Polymerase IV, reactive oxygen species and antibiotics: A lethal combination Sep 5, 2017 Event Happenings
Srikanth Chandrasekaran, Director, IEEE Standards & Technology, IEEE India IEEE Standards: Driving Global Innovation on IoT & Smart Cities through Consensus Building Aug 24, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Shailesh Kumar, NIPGR Identifying fusion transcripts using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Aug 22, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Aditya Tatu, from DAIICT, Gandhinagar Analysis of Downsampling on Bipartite graphs Aug 17, 2017 Event Happenings
Prof. Madhu Mutyam from IIT Madras Data Compression for Multi-Core Memory System Aug 14, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Vijaya Kumar, Professor, M S Ramaiah Institute of Tech., Bangalore Computational Intelligence for IoT Aug 10, 2017 Event Happenings
Mr. Shreyas Sardesai , Research Associate at Lokniti, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) Attitudes and Anxieties of India's Youth: Results from a recent Study Aug 3, 2017 Event Happenings


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