Research Seminars at IIIT-Delhi AY 2016-17

IIIT-Delhi holds a technical seminar (almost) every week during the regular semesters that is open to everyone interested.

Academic Year 2016-2017

Speaker Title Date  
Dr. Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury from IIT Mandi Non- invasive diagnosis at the point of care: Erudite and Illusive Apr 6 , 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Lipi Thukral, CSIR-IGIB Diversity Of Biomolecular Interactions Mar 31 , 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Darcy Bullock, Professor of Civil Engineering at Purdue University Real Time Traffic Congestion Dashboards for Decision Makers Mar 30 , 2017 Event Happenings
Prof. Anupam Basu, Chairman & Head, Center for Educational Technology, IIT Kharagpur Delivery of Educational Contents: A Homogenous Monolith? -- A Cognitive Science Perspective Mar 27 , 2017 Event Happenings
Prof. Ann Nicholson and Prof. Mohan Krishnamoorthy from Monash University Bayesian Argumentation via Delphi (BARD) Mar 21 , 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Ketan Kotwal an Independent Technology Consultant Hyperspectral Imaging: Applications and Visualization Mar 9 , 2017 Event Happenings
Mr. Ganesh Rao and Dr.-Ing. Anshu Gupta, from Continental Automated Driving and Drive towards Vision Zero Mar 8 , 2017 Event Happenings
Prof. Mohan Kankanhalli, Provosts Chair Professor of Computer Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Exploiting Social Media Images and Camera Sensors to Improve the Photography Experience Mar 7 , 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Pravir Kumar, DTU Characterization and mechanistic role of biomolecules in the reversal of stress induced neurodegeneration Mar 3 , 2017 Event Happenings
Prof. Rajat Moona, Director General, C-DAC ESign: Digital Signature combined with power of online authentication Mar 2 , 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Neelesh Mehta from IISC-Bangalore Opportunistic Selection in Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems: A Primer Feb 16 , 2017 Event Happenings
Prof. G.P.S. Raghava from IIIT Delhi Bioinformatics-based solutions in the field of health sciences Feb 9 , 2017 Event Happenings
Prof. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay from ISI Kolkata Multiobjective Clustering Feb 7 , 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. K. Giridhar from IIT-Madras Narrow-band Rate Prediction for Broad-band Wireless Access – How Elusive and Slippery can this be? Feb 2 , 2017 Event Happenings
Shandar Ahmad, IGIB Protein - DNA Interactions In The Next Generation Sequencing - era Jan 19, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Ganesh Bagler from IIIT-Delhi Leveraging food for better health through data-driven approaches Jan 19, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Debasis Dash, IGIB In Search Of Missing Human Proteins: A Computational Perspective Jan 17, 2017 Event Happenings
Prof. Paul Schweizer from School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh Computation Without Representation Jan 12, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Tapan K Gandhi, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi Reorganization of visual cortex following late sight onset in congenitally blind humans Jan 10, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Murali Krishna from IISc, Bangalore Targeted Client Synthesis for Detecting Concurrency Bugs Jan 5, 2017 Event Happenings
Dr. Venkat Padmanabhan from Microsoft Research India PinDrop: Networking Substrate for High-Quality Real-Time Streaming Nov 22, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Swades De from IIT-Delhi Towards Green Communication Networks: A Systems Approach Nov 3, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Ryan Farrell from Brigham Young University Fine-grained Recognition using Pose-normalization Oct 27, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Dinesh Gupta, Scientist, Translational Bioinformatics Group, ICGEB Machine Learning For Biomarker Identification In Cancer - Developments Towards Its Clinical Application Oct 25, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Tulay Adali from UBMC Data Fusion Using Source Separation: Benefits of Fully Exploiting Diversity Oct 24, 2016 Event Happenings
Prof. Venu Madhav Govindu from IISc Bangalore Motion Averaging in 3D Reconstruction Oct 20, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Yoram Bresler The Origin of Compressed Sensing Oct 19, 2016 Event Happenings
Mr. Amit Shukla, Consultant for incubation Centre in IIT Kanpur / IIIT-Delhi. Workshop on Business Model Innovation of UBER Oct 6, 2016 Event Happenings
Prof. D. Manjunath from IIT Bombay Economics of the Internet and Network Neutrality Oct 5, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Anita Sarma from Oregon State University Socio-Technical Dependencies in Distributed Software Development Oct 4, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Jameel Ahmad Khan, Managing Director, Lifecode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Personalized Medicine: From Healthcare To Health Management Oct 4, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Sumeet Agarwal Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi Can Cells Think? Sep 27, 2016 Event Happenings
Team of DreamWorks India Animation Film making and technology Sep 26, 2016 Event Happenings
Mr. Vineet Agarwal from Room Raider SG. Corporate Job vs Entrepreneurship Sep 15, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. C. Mohan from IBM Big Data: Hype & Reality Sep 1, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Sudip Roy, Assistant Professor, IIT Rorkee Design Automation for Fluidic Operations on Microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chips Aug 30, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Samrat Chatterjee, Assistant Professor, Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) To Understand Host-pathogen Cross-talk In Mycobacterial Pathogenesis Aug 30, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Yasha Hasija, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Delhi Technological University (DTU) A Systems Biology Approach Towards Healthy Aging Aug 23, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Avinash Mishra Computational Proteomics & Commercial Opportunities Aug 16, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Swagat Kumar from TCS Research Challenges and Opportunities in Robotics Aug 11, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Santosh Nagarakatte from Rutgers University Lightweight Formal Methods for LLVM Verification Aug 10, 2016 Event Happenings
Dr. Rita Sharma, Assistant Professor & Ramalingaswami Fellow, School of Computational & Integrative Sciences, JNU Role of Computational Biology in Crop Improvement Aug 9, 2016 Event Happenings