Faculty Recruitment in US (Mar 2011)

In early 2011, selections will be held in various locations in US. Short listed candidates will be invited to meet the selection committee which will be held in University of Maryland, University of Illionois, and Univ of California Berkeley in first week of March, 2011. Invited candidates will be reimbursed for their travel to meet the selection committee based on receipts (max: $450).

IIIT-Delhi for an Academic Career

Areas of Interest

IIIT Delhi is looking for tenure-track faculty to build strong research groups in various areas of CS/ECE like Software Engineering and Programming Languages, Networks, Digital Media, Machine Learning, Healthcare Informatics, Algorithms and Theory, VLSI and CAD, Energy Systems and Technologies, Biomedical Electronics and Systems, Computer Archi-tecture, Embedded and Control Systems, as well as interdisciplinary areas like IT and Society (i.e. Sociological Policy, Economic Aspects), Computational Biology and Neuroscience, IT and Agriculture, etc.

Research, Innovation and Development

The Institute has a strong focus on research, innovation, and development to make an impact through published papers, technologies, and deployments. It has a strong focus on PhD program (it has instituted various policies to attract PhD students and has already recruited 15 scholars in two years). It provides initiation research grant, support for travel for the first few years, support for professional membership, etc. It has implemented the systems of yearly appraisal/feedback and tenure to help faculty members aim high and prevent complacency from setting in.


The Institute also aims to provide excellent education. The BTech(IT) Program has many innovative concepts like starting with the CS courses, allowing long duration projects, streams to allow limited specializations in CS/ECE as well as interdisciplinary areas, etc. In the MTech program, it has both thesis and non-thesis options, and possibility of specialization in areas like Security, data management, etc.

Compensation and Quality of Life

The institute provides a decent compensation (over Rs 11 Lacs/yr for a starting Asst. Prof.), and allows a faculty member to supplement it through research grants, summer sabbaticals in R&D labs/companies, consultancy, etc. It will soon have a modern campus at Okhla, with a Metro station within ½ km, where it will have modern, good quality, and spacious accommodation for faculty. Delhi is widely regarded as one of the best cities in India for living, with excellent air and train connectivity.


The desired profile is: BTech/BE from a good Institute, PhD from a top Institution in India or abroad, good research and publication track record, and a solid future potential. You may be requested for a research statement, a teaching statement, your transcripts, and copies of some of your best papers. Each candidate is expected to give a technical seminar.

Important Dates and Timings

For applying: Feb 10, 2011
E-seminars: Feb, 2011

  • Mon, Feb 28, AV Williams Bldg, Univ of Maryland:
    • 10-11am: Presentation on IIIT-Delhi (Room TBD)
    • 11am-2pm: Individual meetings with some faculty members
    • 2pm-5pm: Selection committee interactions (Room TBD)
  • Wed, March 2, Siebel Center, UIUC, Urbana:
    • 9:30-10:30am: Presentation on IIIT-Delhi (Room 1312)
    • 10:30am-12:30pm: Individual meetings with some faculty members
    • 12:30pm-3:30pm: Selection committee interactions (Rm 1312)
  • Mon, March 7,UC Berkeley (Soda Hall and Sutardja-Dai Hall - these are across the street (Hearst Ave) from each other - Soda is the main CS bldg Sutardja is also called CITRIS bldg.):
    • 10-11am: Presentation on IIIT-Delhi (Room 730, Sutardja-Dai Hall (Newton Room) - )
    • 11am-2pm: Individual meetings
    • 2pm-5pm: Selection committee interactions (Room 283E Soda Hall)

Decisions to be communicated within two weeks.

Recruitment Process

  • From the applications received, some candidates are short-listed for further evaluation. The main criteria for short listing: the candidate should have a strong education background, PhD from a reputed Institute in India or abroad, and a good research record.
  • The following information is obtained from the short listed candidates:
    • (1) latest CV
    • (2) names of three references (who are then requested to send letters)
    • (3) a short research statement giving what types of problems the candidate wants to pursue and where he/she envisions to be after about five years
    • (4) a teaching statement focusing more on the advanced courses the candidate would like to teach (it is assumed that some basic courses all PhDs can teach)
    • (5) sometimes we request pdf of a few of the best papers already published.
  •  The candidate is invited to give a technical seminar to the faculty and others. For the candidate in India, he/she is encouraged to visit the Institute and give the seminar, as well as interact with the faculty. If the candidate is overseas, he/she is encouraged to visit while visiting India (the Institute covers within-India travel). If a physical visit is not possible, the seminar may be given over teleconferencing, with ppts controlled locally. (In this, the ppt is send a-priori, and the candidate’s lecture and Q&A is done over teleconference).
  • Suggested structure of the seminar (appx 40 mts): Give a brief overview of the problem area and its relevance, overall contributions, then describe one work in detail, and end with future work the candidate wants to pursue.
  • Based on the seminar, a further short listing is done. The short listed candidates are invited to interact with the selection committee, which is a committee of experts. For candidates who are overseas, this interaction can be done over tele/video conference. Generally, this interaction starts with a short presentation by the candidate on his/her research, future plans etc (about 5-10 mts). The committee members ask questions, seek clarifications/views, etc., and take the input of the faculty from the Director.
  • The selection committee makes the recommendations. After the recommendations are accepted, the Director issues the offer letter. The candidate is generally informed within a week, if he/she is selected.


For applying, send an email with your CV containing the names of at least three referees to the Director – jalote@iiitd.ac.in