Rules and Procedures

Rules for Non-degree Visiting Students Registration

Non-degree visiting students  would be governed by the following rules and regulations:

  1. A Non-degree Visiting Student is a student registered for a degree in a recognized Institute/University in India or abroad who has official permission from that Institute/University to attend classes, to carry out research or to avail himself of laboratory or other academic facilities at IIIT Delhi for a period not exceeding six months.  In the case of a student who is not Indian National or Indian citizen, he/she will not be allowed to register for the course without valid passport and proper visa.
  2. The Academic Section or the Department may receive such official requests for the provision of Institute facilities and admit such a visiting student on a case to case basis after due sanction from the DOAA. 
  3. After Dean’s approval, the sponsoring Institute concerned may be informed of this decision and the office given the necessary instructions for temporary registration of the student.  The visiting students admitted for the UG/PG courses/projects at the Institute will be charged fees on pro-rata basis as under:

    Indian national registered as visiting student will be required to pay an amount equivalent to semester fee at par with regular Indian students. The semester fee for a given semester is for 16 credits. In case registration is required for lesser credits, the fee would be charged on pro-rata basis. A project of 6 months duration will be considered equivalent to 12 credits. A project of lesser duration will be charged on pro-rata basis. (ii) Security deposit Rs.5000/- (refundable).

    Foreign national: Self-financed foreign national registered as a Visiting Student will be required to pay US$ 1000 for a semester.  In case registration is required for a shorter duration, the fee would be adjusted on pro-rata basis.

  4. All visiting students attending courses must appear in all the tests as per the norms for regular students and also submit all class assignments.  He/She will be required to go through the same rigor in the course as any regular student of IIITD.
  5. In case the student is later admitted as a regular student in a PG program, he/she may apply for transfer of credits, which can be considered by PGC in the usual way.
  6. The student so admitted must be governed by the Institute rules and regulations as pertaining to regular Institute students of his/her academic level, with the exception that it should not be obligatory on the part of the student to reside in the Institute.
  7. If a visiting student desires hostel and messing facilities of IIIT Delhi, he/she must get written approval of the Dean of Students who will give necessary instructions for his/her admission to the hostel.  In the event the student concerned resides in a hostel, he/she would be required to pay hostel accommodation charges and other hostel charges as applicable to Institute students of corresponding level.
  8. The Institute will not be liable for any damages  on account of any injuries/loss sustained by such candidates during their course work  at the Institute.  Therefore, he/she should have insurance coverage for the period he/she stays at the Institute.
  9. The students coming to IIIT Delhi to carry out research or to avail academic facilities at the Institute under the various agreements entered into with Universities/Institutions, will be considered as exchange students.  In the event the provision with regard to the terms  & conditions of such exchange students as laid down in the respective Memorandum of Understanding vary with the provisions in Institute Rules on ‘provision of facilities to non-degree visiting students’, the provisions in the Memorandum of Understanding will have overriding effect.