PhD and RA in Sensor Networks and Middleware


Result of MUC PhD selection interview
(held on 1st October 2011):

The following candidates have been shortlisted for a second round of interview, to be scheduled later:

1.   Madhur Hasija             PM4E5137BD7020D



Screening Results of Shortlisted Candidates

  Application Number Name
1. PM4E4000146F0F7 Nipun Batra
2. PM4E48AA6C4795D Manju
3. PM4E4BE7D71FE5B Saeik Firose
4. PM4E4E8F46DEA1D Mudit Kapoor
5. PM4E53193F40602 Ambuj Varshney
6. PM4E4E640B5227B Rishikesh Sahay
7. PM4E55CB9FEAB36 Aakanshi Gupta
8. PM4E57E15765163 Shagun Garg
9. PM4E53CB7F65F97 Harpreet Singh
10. PM4E552D1A4D6AA Pravin Renold
11. PM4E5770F97CA8F Sunil Kumar Maakar
12. PM4E4F64467F9A1 Suman Dagumati
13. PM4E4E781C497FC Vijeta Khare
14. PM4E4F7AIFE1494 Manik Gupta
15. PM4E513A6AF158A Somashekhar K Patil
16. PM4E5137BD7020D Madhur Hasija
17. PM4E568439AE130 Rajat Gupta
18. PM4E52479D14E51 Shruti Sharma
19. PM4E5780896DFAC Vijay Bhaskar Semwal
20. PM4E5502F896A3E Karan Varma
21. PM4E574A7C421C4 Shiladitya Bhattacharjee

Admission Test:

  • Test / Interview (at IIIT-Delhi campus) – 1st October, 2011 Syllabus for the test
  • The written theory test will consists of mostly objective questions. You may expect some small subjective questions.
  • You will also be asked to give a programming test in any of the following language - C, C++, or Java. In the test you will be asked to write small computer programs to solve given programming problems.  

Besides the tests, you will also have to read at least one of the following research paper: 

  1. Paper 1
  2. Paper 2
  3. Paper 3

With respect to the paper that you choose to read, you have to come prepared with:

1. One page summary (written by you).
2. A list of concepts that were not clear to you.
3. For the problem discussed in the paper - what are other ways of approaching the problem? Why is their solution unique?
4. What are the scenarios in which their solution is likely to fail?
5. One possible extension to the work or how you will modify such that it will not fail in the scenario you mentioned above.

PhD Positions Announcement (Deadline over)

Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing (MUC) group, IIIT-Delhi is inviting applications for multiple PhD and Research Associate (RA) positions in Sensor Networks & Middleware from self-motivated and highly enthusiastic candidates. Candidates having excellent academic record and a keen interest in research are encouraged to apply for the PhD/RA positions in MUC group at IIIT-Delhi.

MUC group is a vibrant research group actively engaged in research areas of energy monitoring, sustainability, middleware and localization among others. Mobile Computing Group is planning for one of the biggest sensor network deployment on its new campus for indoor energy sensing. The deployment will involve monitoring multiple parameters across more than 400 rooms at its new campus. Additionally, we are also planning to work with water utility companies in India and Australia for monitoring of water distribution systems for supply of potable water. Extensive data collected from both these deployment will be useful for developing key insights (addressing both technical as well as policy issues). To this effect, we are looking for PhD students/Research Associates in research areas related to energy monitoring, water distribution monitoring, context management and middleware.

For a computer science enthusiast with interest in applied research in computer science, this is a rare opportunity to work on deploying large sensing systems for real-world applications and developing new theories and understanding from the collected data. As a PhD student at IIIT-Delhi, you will get exposure to breadth and depth of computer science (through the coursework) that will prepare you for a promising and exciting career in research with expertise in domains emanating from the project proposed by us.

For a prospective research associate, this is one of the best opportunities to gain hand-on experience of technology with real-world deployment and harness your research skills. We will require a commitment of one to two years from anyone applying for a RA position.

Some of the key features of this program are

  •     Being a focused program, it allows a motivated and hard-working student to finish in as early as 4 years, subject to fulfilling the degree requirements.
  •     The institute provides attractive compensation – the stipend in the first year is Rs 22,000 per month; 2nd to 4th year it can be up to Rs 25,000 per month, based on performance.
  •     The institute provides support to present papers in national and international conferences.

Collaborations: MUC group has strong collaboration with following industry and academic institutions across the world.

    Microsoft Research, India
    IBM India Research Lab, India
    University of California, Los Angeles, USA
    Nokia Research, India
    Sydney University, Australia

Selected PhD students will be eligible to spend part of his/her research at one or more of the collaborator depending on the research directions taken by the student.


    B.Tech/M.Tech. in Computer Science with strong background in programming, theory (algorithms in machine learning, artificial intelligence) and databases demonstrated through strong interests and study/work/projects undertaken in these areas.

    B.Tech./M.Tech. in application domain (civil engineering, chemical engineering, urban planning, architecture or similar areas) with basic programming skills. Such a student should demonstrate skills in the application domain for the proposed projects (e.g. for a civil engineering/architecture student an understanding of indoor infrastructure for energy efficiency, for a chemical engineering student an understanding of monitoring parameters for water quality and developing sensors for doing them in-situ; and for a urban planning student an understanding of how different system components such as transportation, water supply, buildings can be planned to be more effective, among others) through successful projects undertaken in the allied areas.

    We will strongly encourage candidates with 1-2 years of industry experience in IT or related companies.

What does it mean to be a R.A.?
If you are unsure of whether you want to pursue PhD degree and commit for the next 4 years or the place you want to pursue your PhD from, you can apply for the RA position. Unlike a full time PhD student, RA will not be required to do any coursework (however you may sit through 1-2 courses every semester for your exposure). Stipend for the RA position is likely to be similar to that given to PhD students. Someone hired as a RA has to commit to a minimum of 1-2 years of service in the position. Failure to adhere to the commitment will result in penalties (including refund of all the remuneration till date). However, if the performance of the RA is not found as expected, we reserve the right to terminate the position at any point of time.

RAs in our group are likely to get very good hands on exposure on critical research problems along with potential publications in the best of the conferences in the area we work in. This will likely add a lot of value to your research profile as well as help you make an informed decision at a later stage.

Important Dates:

  • Apply (online form)
    • You also need to send us a demand draft of Rs 350/- drawn in favour of IIIT-Delhi and payable in Delhi. Please post the form at our address. You draft should reach us by 29th August, 2011.
    • You don't need to send a printout of the application form - send only the draft.
  • Last date of application -  29th August,  2011, 5:00pm
  • Screening results of shortlisted candidates -  1st September, 2011
  • Test / Interview (at IIIT-Delhi campus) – 1st October, 2011 Syllabus for the test

Reservation Policy: We will broadly follow GGSIP University (another university by Delhi Govt.) guidelines. According to that, 5% relaxation in marks obtained in X, XII, BTech, MTech and other degrees wil be given to SC/ST candidates.

Contact: For general queries, please refer to the frequently asked questions. Please do not email us with your resume/C.V - applications are now closed. For other information, you may contact us through email at