Application and Admission Procedure

List of Accepted Candidates

These candidates have been selected for admission in the IIIT-Delhi PhD program for 2011.

  • Anuj Shanker Saxena
  • Anunay Sinha
  • Ayushi Rastogi
  • Himanshu Dadheech
  • Jyoti Leeka
  • Kushal Bhatia
  • Praful Agrawal
  • Shiva Reddy Koti
  • Shruti Chhabra
  • Trasha Gupta
  • Vertika Vaid

Screening Results

We received an overwhelming number of PhD applications of very good quality. A screening committee of IIIT-Delhi faculty members carefully reviewed each of these applications. The candidates were finally shortlisted based on their performance in X, XII, BTech, MTech and other criteria including projects, work experience, research experience, publications, etc. Based on these criteria, the following candidates have been short-listed for the PhD entrance exam on April 23rd 2011 at IIIT-Delhi campus.

General category candidates

PHD-4D93559F14686 Aaditi Sinha
PHD-4D995B2677D31 Abhishek Chauhan
PHD-4D9468AD23F8F Akshara Pande
PHD-4D8179A5DCAD1 Anuj Shanker Saxena
PHD-4D7DA46FCBA09 Anurag Khanna
PHD-4D7B81AC801E1 Anvesha Katti
PHD-4D996B10649ED Aseem Pahuja
PHD-4D9577E74D77A Ashok Yadav
PHD-4D88AA487E679 Ayushi Rastogi
PHD-4D989F0E4168D Bhawna Bhardwaj
PHD-4D82E135132C6 Bhungaliya Yogin Parsottambhai
PHD-4D8196A3247E8 Cheshta Dosi
PHD-4D884C079A1C8 Chj Srinivasa Rao P
PHD-4D8CBE26DD077 Dayanand
PHD-4D80E750567A8 Deepak Kumar
PHD-4D8E1BE9BC396 Dillip Rout
PHD-4D943BF4BD963 Dinesh
PHD-4D9227030661D Dipesh Kumar Singh
PHD-4D982EF7A77FF Eti Aggarwal
PHD-4D92224676BA9 Gaurav Chakrabarty
PHD-4D942BDDDCAF6 Harsh Bhasin
PHD-4D7B2349B54D7 Harsh Gupta
PHD-4D8A280AD2A72 Ipsita Dash
PHD-4D94649C358F1 Ishan Babbar
PHD-4D8B1B6427D96 Jitendra Kumar Jha
PHD-4D91F6E9A95CE Jyoti Leeka
PHD-4D875A88DFE28 Kriti Nasa
PHD-4D943EA87357D Lokesh Kumar Singh
PHD-4D9561FB8953C M.G.Karthikeyan
PHD-4D8ED23E17EFB Mahamaya Mohanty
PHD-4D80D67F619F6 Mansi Gulati
PHD-4D931BA67BDAF Monika Sharma
PHD-4D91E9D35B079 Nidhi Aggarwal
PHD-4D96E1EA12EC6 Nitish Gupta
PHD-4D81AC8BD1DAC Nupur Chugh
PHD-4D861361C72A0 P.Sunita         
PHD-4D879627CD7FD Piyush Kapoor
PHD-4D802FE395997 Pooja Singh
PHD-4D88B9B7BB46E Pooja Verma
PHD-4D83BA2AEF268 Praful Agrawal
PHD-4D948408C7BA1 Priyanka Shukla
PHD-4D91A67E54B10 Rajeev Sachdev
PHD-4D91CD275E2BB Ramneek
PHD-4D8B65D9E5901 Reno Robert R
PHD-4D972908821E6 Sabila Khan
PHD-4D804B9DE0B73 Samayveer Singh
PHD-4D7A1969E0B58 Santhosh Peddi
PHD-4D99A1EC1DB36 Seema
PHD-4D94462ACF567 Seema
PHD-4D91BC8220FC7 Shashank Shekhar
PHD-4D93E5AA59FD4 Shaukat Ali Shahee
PHD-4D833AFB3D198 Shiva Reddy Koti
PHD-4D8CC7A99C796 Shruti Jain
PHD-4D7E13AE00727 Shyam Sundar Das
PHD-4D8F20AF8FA64 Sonali Ganguly
PHD-4D7FF330EAEDB Sonia Thomas
PHD-4D9372A28B439 Subhash Bhagat
PHD-4D99A03FE72D5 Suman Tiwari
PHD-4D9301DFBF5A4 Sumit Soman
PHD-4D94396FD60A1 Syona Gupta
PHD-4D7CB9C6A62D8 Tarun Gupta
PHD-4D876800E5DFA Trasha Gupta
PHD-4D8AFEBCBA6CD Ujjwal Kumar Tantiya
PHD-4D806E62E94D7 Vaibhav
PHD-4D94C3D0EECC1 Vidit Bhatia
PHD-4D92B1B5845B4 Vijay Bhaskar Semwal
PHD-4D96BBD8CA4B9 Vijay Sharma
PHD-4D899712CB4B8 Vikas Mittal
PHD-4D943DB2E5D13 Vivek Katiyar
PHD-4D90A0242536E Vivek P Shikaripura
PHD-4D98B495AA7E6 Yograj Singh
PHD-4D93FD8E37731 Yuvaraj S


SC/ST/CW/PH category candidates

PHD-4D95A63ECFD7A Shitala Prasad
PHD-4D99A3AD217E7 Abha Kumari
PHD-4D8514CA363C3 Debabrata Mondal
PHD-4D83271184959 B Babu
PHD-4D81A816596C8 Punit Moris Ekka

The above candidates have to fill up this online confirmation form if they wish to appear for the entrance test. They have to bring the application id and the following documents for the entrance test.

  • Original mark sheets, degree and certificates (including X, XII, undergraduate, etc.)
  • Proof of date of birth and photo identification

  • Copies of all publications (if any)
  • GATE/GRE/TOEFL/other score card (if any)

  • Original copies of awards
  • Any other document (in original form) to support your information in the application form

Candidates who indicated that they require accommodation have been emailed accommodation details on the email registered with us.

Tentative Schedule for April 23rd, 2011:

  • 7:30AM - Registration starts
  • 8-8:30AM - Breakfast, IIIT-Delhi campus (only for candidates)
  • 8:25AM - Director's message
  • 9:10-10:30AM - Written test
  • 10:30-2:00PM - TA reimbursement
  • 11:45PM - Written test results
  • 12:00-1:20PM - Programming test (only for selected candidates)
  • 1:00PM - Lunch, IIIT-Delhi campus (only for candidates)
  • 1:45PM - Announcement of list for interview
  • 2:00PM - Interview starts (only for selected candidates)
  • 2:00PM - Verification of documents
  • 7:00PM - Interviews end

Final result will be available on this website by Monday 25 April by 5pm.


  1. Fill up the online application form. Last date of application -  April 4th, 2011, 5:00pm (Monday).
  2. Send a demand draft of non-refundable Rs 350/- towards application processing fee in favour of IIIT-Delhi payable in New Delhi to the following address:
    PhD Admission Committee
    3rd Floor, Library building, NSIT Campus
    Azad Hind Fauj Marg
    Sector-3, Dwarka
    New Delhi - 110078
  • The draft should reach IIIT-Delhi latest by April 6th 5:00pm, otherwise your application might be rejected without screening.
  • The candidates will be screened based on the information provided in the online application form.
  • The list of shortlisted candidates is given below.

Entrance Test

  • The shortlisted candidates listed above will have to appear for a written test, a programming test and an interview at IIIT-Delhi on April 23rd.
  • Entrance test details:
    Reporting date:     April 23, 2011
    Registration time: 7:30 A.M
    Written test starts: 9:00 A.M.
  • Students will have to bring all the documents supporting the facts in their application form, e.g., certificates, mark-sheets, publications etc.

Written and Programming Test

  • Written test: The written test will have two sections (Part A and B) as described below. The questions will be on standard B.Tech. (MSc for non CS/IT areas) level concepts.
    • Part-A is compulsory. This section will have questions from data structures, algorithms and programming concepts.
    • In Part-B, students need to choose ANY ONE from the following 7 subsections:
      1. Theory of computing, discrete mathematics, probability, statistics
      2. Computer networks, operating systems, databases
      3. Embedded systems, computer architecture, digital circuits, digital communication
      4. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and image processing
      5. Software engineering, compilers, programming languages, web technologies
      6. Linear algebra, abstract algebra, combinatorics, probability, statistics
      7. Geoinformatics
  • Programming Test: Selected candidates after the written test will have to appear for the programming test.
    • Allowed programming languages: C / C++ / C# / Java
    • Available programming environments: (command-line) gcc, g++, gmcs, javac, (IDE) Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio, Turbo-C
    • The program may require file I/O for reading input and producing output
    • The candidates will be allowed to use default libraries in the standard installation of their programming language. Non-standard libraries will not be available.


  • Shortlisted candidates (after the written + programming tests) will be interviewed on the same day.
  • Students appearing for interview will have to read and bring a 1 page summary of any one of the following papers of their choice. They may be also asked questions on the chosen paper in the interview. The candidates are strongly encouraged to choose a paper in their (one of their) areas of interest.
    • Emerging Architecture and Systems Design - paper 1, paper 2
    • Image Analysis and Biometrics - paper 1, paper 2
    • Information Management and Data Analytics - paper 1, paper 2
    • Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing - paper 1, paper 2
    • Security and Privacy - paper 1, paper 2
    • Software Engineering - paper 1, paper 2
    • Theoretical Computer Science - paper 1, paper 2
    • Geoinformatics - paper 1, paper 2
  • A final shortlist, based on (i) the performance in the tests, (ii) the interview, (iii) the background and (iv) references will be the final list of admitted candidates.
  • The admission decisions (i.e. screening, shortlisting, and others) will be made by the IIIT-D PhD Admission Committee, which will be final.

Travel logistics: For the outstation candidates (non-NCR) who are appearing for the test, IIIT-Delhi will reimburse their travel fare by second sleeper or public bus fare by the shortest route, which ever is cheapest. They will have to furnish the proof of travel. If a candidate decides to choose a different mode (e.g. 3AC, air, etc.), IIIT-Delhi will only reimburse the second sleeper or public transport bus fare by the shortest route.

Accommodation logistics: IIIT-Delhi will be able to provide accommodation to a limited number of candidates on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please indicate your preference in the entrance test confirmation form.

More details on the tests and interviews will be posted on this page - so please check this page regularly for announcements.