Summer Refresher Courses/Preparatory Course

Students sometimes do not have sufficient depth in their understanding, skills, and abilities in a subject even after doing the course as part of the curriculum. This may be due to insufficient attention given to the course during the semester due to multiple courses, the quality of instruction, pace of learning, etc.  This weakness makes it harder for students to fully understand and appreciate the advanced topics/courses and often continue doing poorly in them as well. It has been observed over the years that students getting admission into graduate programs come from different backgrounds. To help incoming students overcome their weaknesses and to acquire the pre-requisites at the required level, IIIT-D has taken unique initiative by introducing the concept of summer refresher courses/preparatory courses for incoming M.Tech. students.

The aim of a refresher course/preparatory course is to strengthen the understanding and skills of a student in some core areas. Thus, any weakness in these areas does not become a hurdle in the students’ progress in advanced courses.  A refresher course assumes that the student has done a course, but needs to refresh the key concepts and practice better. These courses will help incoming graduate students with the revision of key concepts; overcome their weaknesses, and preparing them for the upcoming semester work. Current M.Tech. and B.Tech. students are also encouraged to enroll, if they want to strengthen their foundations in these courses.

Course Duration: 5/6 weeks

Course Offering:

M.Tech. (CSE)

  • Data Structure and Algorithm
  • Advance Programming

M.Tech. (ECE)

  • Data Structure and Algorithm
  • Maths, Signal and Architecture

M.Tech. (CB)

  • Preparatory course for Biology & Mathematics
  • Preparatory course for Biocomputing

Note: This course is mandatory for all freshly admitted M.Tech. students.