B.Tech. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (CSAM)

The increasing use of sophisticated mathematical tools and techniques in tandem with computational tools in several areas such as computational finance, biology, e­commerce, weather forecasting, and data science motivates the need for a program that will produce graduates with computational skills as well as the ability to use sophisticated mathematical concepts and tools in order to tackle these problems.

The Computer Science and Applied Mathematics program aims to develop such graduates. The program is similar to the Mathematics and Computing programs operating in many leading Institutions. The program has a small set of core courses in both Computer Science and Mathematics, and many electives which can be taken from both the disciplines. This enables the students to build a program most suitable for them. It is possible for a student of this program to complete the requirements necessary to appear for the JRF/NET exam in Mathematical Sciences (including Statistics) jointly conducted by UGC and CSIR, or the GATE exam in Mathematics/Computer Science.

Program Objectives: At the end of this program, a student should have:

  • Understanding of foundational topics in Mathematics.
  • Understanding of theoretical foundations and limits of computing and different levels of abstraction including architecture and operating systems, algorithms, and applications.
  • Ability to design and implement algorithms and data structures for efficiently solving new problems.
  • Ability to use and apply mathematical and statistical techniques and tools to solve problems.
  • Ability to abstract and rigorously model and analyze a variety of problems using appropriate mathematical or computational concepts.

In addition, the graduate of this program should also have the following general skills that are common with other B.Tech. programs:

  • Ability to function effectively in teams to accomplish a common goal.
  • An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of audience.
  • Ability to self learn and engage in life-long learning.
  • Ability to undertake small research tasks and projects.
  • Ability to take an idea and develop into a business plan for an entrepreneurial venture (if desired).
  • An understanding of the impact of solutions in an economic, societal, and environment context.

This document specifies the specific regulations for B.Tech.
(CSAM) program-the general regulations for the B.Tech. Program are given in a separate document.

Program Structure

The B.Tech. program at IIIT­-D follows the philosophy of having a small set of core courses and many electives allowing students significant flexibility in designing their curriculum and specialization. The first semester program is common with other B.Tech. programs - this allows change of discipline after 1st Semester. 2nd , 3rd and 4th semester is mostly core courses. In the 3rd year, there are some core courses and rest are electives. In the final year, all courses are electives (except special electives)

For BTech (CSAM), the program structure, regulations about the program, including the requirements for graduation and the Honors program, are available here.

Description of various courses is available here.