Zenatix: start-up co-founded by Dr. Amarjeet Singh on energy data analytics

Friday, January 17, 2014

Dr. Amarjeet Singh, one of the faculty members at IIIT-D, has co-founded Zenatix, a startup based on technologies in energy data analytics developed at the institute, which will help customers understand their power consumption patterns and provide useful insights towards energy saving and making buildings a smart working environment. Dr. Singh co-founded Zenatix with his classmates from IIT Delhi - Mr. Rahul Bhalla and Mr. Vishal Bansal.

Energy inefficiencies are not uncommon in a large building environment, and one of the biggest reasons is lack of information about such inefficiencies. Though every large energy consumer wants to monitor and save energy, the current metering infrastructure and format of electricity bills doesn't allow the consumer to have any actionable insights such as how much energy goes into my air-conditioning, how much into the lighting, how efficient is my UPS consumption, how I consume at various times (day versus night, weekday versus weekend, at different times of the day).

Zenatix has developed a solution that allows energy consumers to have such insights and many more so that they can accurately account their energy consumption and take steps to optimize the usage without compromising on either their necessity or comfort. Essentially, we deploy smart meters along with our proprietary controllers at various sub-system levels (building, air-conditioning, lighting, UPS etc.) in building(s) and collect power consumption data in real time (we can take readings every 30 seconds). Based on the collected data, the energy consumers can view charts and graphs on our web based platform and take control of their energy consumption. Subsequently, our experts work with the consumers and run advanced analytics on the collected data in order to suggest additional energy saving measures.

Zenatix has already deployed this solution at IIIT-Delhi (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology) campus, and has contributed to the institute’s energy saving measures that overall account for more than 10% of their monthly energy bill of approx.. Rs 20 lacs.

Overall, Zenatix helps you empower yourself and take control of your energy usage in real time with an overall ROI period typically less than a year.