IIIT-Delhi claims 3rd spot in Gwalior sports fest

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
IIIT-Delhi claims 3rd spot in at Gwalior sports fest

IIIT-D bags two golds at Gwalior sports fest, claims 3rd spot in 11-team event

A group of 49 students from IIIT-D led by Abhishek Singh performed stupendously in an 11-team sporting extravaganza in Gwalior, claiming gold in women’s basketball and men’s lawn tennis and settling for silver in two other events.

The national sports fest entitled ‘Twaran  2013’, organised by ABVP-IIITM-Gwalior,  was held from January 24 to 27, with IIIT-D securing third position in the medal tally after IIIT-Gwalior (1st)  and IIIT-Kanchipuram (2nd).

Students from IIIT-D took part in cricket, basketball,  football, lawn tennis, badminton and  table tennis matches, to name a few, and marvelled the viewers with their remarkable performances.

Apart from clinching gold in women’s basketball and men’s lawn tennis events, the IIIT-D team bagged silver in men’s squash and women’s volleyball. In the closely-contested basketball final match against IIIT-Gwalior, Varnika Singh from this institute got her jaw fractured.

The men's squash match -- where IIIT-D got a silver in a hard-fought contest against IIIT-Kanchipuram -- witnessed a marathon game as the final set of the second match stretched to 16 deuces with IIIT-D’s Abhishek Singh emerging victorious but IIIT-D eventually lost the third match and the gold to IIIT- Kanchipuram.

“There were spirited performances in men’s volleyball and table tennis events.  Women’s table tennis team also outperformed their opponents in several matches reaching the semi-final,” said Abhishek, the captain of the IIIT-D men’s football and table tennis teams.

All the students performed to the best of their potential and upheld the institute’s name, Abhishek, the IIIT-D sports coordinator, said.

“Keeping in mind the limited sports infrastructure we have at the moment, the institute performed exceptionally well.  Once we have our whole sports infrastructure ready, we shall perform even better,” he said.

Other than Abhishek and Varnika, the IIIT-D students who participated in the sporting event are: Akanksha Singh, Shivangi Yadav, Sampoorna Biswas, Shruti Nagpal, Sauhard Gupta, Anant Rana, Aakash Hada, Rohan Katyal, Pranav Chadha, Purujit Negi, Sushant Mehta, Bavneet Singh, Archit Taneja, Vivek Raj, Himanshu Singh, Anirudh Chakraborty, Aman Chahar, Prakhar Gupta, Ekampreet Kalsy, Ujjwal Gupta, Aakarsh Malhotra, Pranav Chikkara, Shubham Kaul, Raghav Sethi, Naresh Aditya Madhav, Prateek Malhotra, Vedanshi Kataria, Jahnavi Kalyani, Mansi Panwar, Archie Gupta, Jyotasana Bhardwaj, Nikhil Kumar, Kunal Kataria, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Piyush Yadav, Deepto Sarkar, Vishesh Narwal, Abhishek Kumar, Abhishek Kumar Gautam, Ankur Poria, Akkineni, Shantanu Goel, Shashank Gautam, Prateek Singh, Naved Alam, Shubham Singh and Abhishek Lakra.