IIIT-D marks Nov 18-22 as Laptop Sticker Drive week

Monday, November 18, 2013

In a special initiative, IIIT-D has launched a weeklong Laptop Sticker Drive as part of a larger campaign aimed at creating an identity for the institute.

IIIT-D Director, Prof Pankaj Jalote, was the first in the institute to have the sticker on his laptop, clearly reflecting the support he has extended to the November 18-November 22 drive, the objective of which is to involve “all” at the institute. 

Not only is it a unique way of celebrating oneness but also promoting the institute among its stakeholders. The goal of this campaign is to have the IIIT-D sticker on each and every laptop in the institute, so that we can showcase that all of us are extremely excited and proud of being part of IIIT-D.

Student volunteers have come forward to support this wonderful drive, and are requesting their peers, faculty members and staff to place the stickers on their laptops.  The volunteers are going around the campus to find laptops without stickers and requesting the owners to put them on their laptops. Nobody is being forced to accept the stickers.

Since the start of the campaign from November 18 morning, many people in the institute, including faculty and students, have already put the stickers on their laptops.