Find A Way – IIIT-D students join hands for social cause

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Find A Way, an NGO launched and managed by students of IIIT-Delhi, has come up with a noble cause - to help fund education of underprivileged children in partnership with the Child andWomen Care Society (CWCS).

The home-grown NGO of the institute has launched its first project called FindAWay Card, all proceeds from the sale of which will go towards sponsoring education of the children in need. The card can be bought for just Rs 99. In return, you get amazing discounts at over 120 restaurants in NCR, including Yo! China, Pink Room, CCD etc.

“We work in close collaboration with the NGOs to bridge the gap between their efforts and your desire to help. Major NGOs have partnered with us to give you the opportunity to be the light in someone else’s life. To make them feel loved and to make you feel good,” this is the message that the all-student NGO of IIIT-D wants to send across to people from all walks of life.

Not only have the institute’s Director, Prof Pankaj Jalote, and faculty members are supporting the card initiative launched by ‘Find A Way, but also the winners of the Microsoft’s ‘Whodunit Challenge’, 2013, who happen to be from our very own institute. Kuldeep Yadav and other members of the ‘Whodunit’ team have donated part of their prize money to take the cause forward.

“We hope that this card will change the lives of many. Give education to those who need it and a sense of happiness to those who believe in it,” say the students involved with the NGO.

They noted that there are 3.3 million NGOs in India (1 NGO for 400 people) and still, millions of malnourished people remain ignored. It isn’t just funds they need, it is volunteers, tech help, educational material and so many other things.

“So we decided to do what we do best. Empower them (other NGOs) with our diverse technological expertise. And thus, Find A Way was born,” said the student members on the inception of ‘Find A Way’. “We not only cater to the needs of the NGOs but also of those people who believe in our cause and choose to contribute to the cause through us. All in all, everyone benefits!”

‘Find A Way’ comprises students from both technical and management backgrounds. Alumni from the Harvard Business School and the London Business School advise it on its marketing and research activities, according to its members.

On the ‘The FindAWay Card’, they say it enables individuals to exercise their altruism according to their will while offering them some perks. “Upon buying our card you begin a process of educating underprivileged children. It's as simple as that. No forms to fill, no bills to cash. As reward to your contributions, you can use it to get discounts at more than 120 restaurants across Delhi, NCR,” they say, adding all proceeds from the sale of the card will go to the Child and Women Care Society for sponsoring education of underprivileged children.