Denzil wins Ist prize at Planning Commission’s Hackathon

Thursday, April 18, 2013

IIIT-D’s PhD scholar Denzil Correa along with his teammate has won the first prize in the ‘Visualization’ category in Delhi during a 31-hour Hackathon event organized by the Planning Commission of India at 10 major centres throughout the country on April 6-7.

Apart from the ‘Visualization’, the Hackathon had two categories -- ‘Short Films’ and ‘Mobile/Web applications’, focusing on seven sectors -- Macroeconomic framework, Agriculture and Rural Development, Health, Water and Environment, Energy, Education and Urban Development --  as covered under the 12th 5-year plan proposal. 

Denzil along with a non-IIIT member participated at the IIT-Delhi centre in the Visualization category for the Health Sector with specific focus on "Maternal and Child Care" in India.

“I am happy to tell you that we won the First Prize in the Visualization Category atthe Delhi centre.The winning team participants received a certificate and Rs. 15,000 as cash prize,” according to Denzil.

In order to better understand the Infographic, a small animation has been created by Denzil and his teammate which can be seen here
Some pictures from this event can be spotted here.