ACM Survey on PhD Production in India in Computer Science, 2012 - 2013

Thursday, July 31, 2014

This year (for data for the academic year 2012-13), to reduce the subjectivity, the criteria has been refined as: Any Institution which has a PhD program and has at least 5 faculty members with PhD in CS in the CS/IT Department/Program will be included in the survey. Some reputed Institutes were included even otherwise. The methodology of this study is mentioned below. Report is now available for download.

This year's ACM PhD Production Report can be found here.


Methodology Used

We compiled a list of Institutions which have a PhD program using data from AICTE as well as information obtained through other sources. These institutions were included in the drop down list in the online form we used for data collection this time. The method for data collection is:
  • A request was sent on email to the contact email id obtained from AICTE or other sources. Reminders were also sent.
  • When a form is submitted, the contents were sent by email to the HOD as confirmation. The data provided was checked through website of the institution. Also, like last year, the raw data is a part of the final report.
  • If an institute did not provide the data despite reminders, it was assumed that the Institution does not satisfy the criteria. For those institutions where it is known that the criteria is satisfied, PhD production was estimated from information on their website (methods similar to those we used last year were used – estimate the PhD production using the number of PhD faculty and the total PhD student population. They are described in the reports.
  • Initial reports were shown to many people to take their views and inputs. Errors reported were corrected.
  • Final report was then submitted to ACM India, which accepted it and has published it on its website (under Research tab)
ACM India and Prof. Jalote would like to thank all the participating Institutions for providing the data.