A new year Gift for the graduating batch : The 2nd phase of campus placement season came to an end on 26thDecember with a big bang.
Our students who made us proud by grabbing 18 Full time offers from Qualcomm A+ category company ,who visited IIIT-DELHI for the very first time With this Qualcomm emerged as the biggest recruiter of the season making a whopping  32  offers ( 14 intern offers & 18 full time offers ). This is a moment of happiness, pride, achievement for our students & Institute. 
Richa received the Award of Appreciation for her Services
towards BTAS2016 organization (as PC Chair)
Paper co-authored by Anurag (MTech graduate) and Soumyadeep (PhD student)
received the best poster award (it is a full paper and presented as spotlight oral and poster presentation at BTAS2016):  RGB-D Face Recognition via Learning-based Reconstruction: Anurag Chowdhury, Soumyadeep Ghosh, Richa Singh, and Mayank Vatsa
IIIT-Delhi has decided to recognize students who have shown excellence in any sphere of student life - academics, extra-curricular, and research.
Every year, a Dean's list will be prepared that would consist of students who have shown excellence in the last academic year. We are proud to announce below the names of those students who have had excellent academic performance in the year 2015-16. (Names in other categories will be announced in due course.) Click here
Ojaswa Sharma received Early Career research (ECR) award by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST
For the project "Algorithmic 3D Modeling and Virtual spatial interactions".
P. Pandey, R. Singh, M. Vatsa along with collaborators D. Yadav, N. Kohli, and A. Noore
Received the best paper award at the IEEE WACV2016 (Lake Placid, USA)
Dinesh Rano
Received IEEE MTT-S PhD Travel Grant for attending IMaRC 2015 and the Best Report Award in "IEEE PhD Students Program" during IMaRC 2015.
M. A. Maktoomi, Dinesh Rano, and M. S. Hashmi
Bagged 2nd prize (Filter Design Competition) during the IEEE MTT-S IMaRC 2015 held in Hyderabad.
Jayaprakash, Robin and Gaurav
Received the Best Poster award (Runner Up) at NASSCOM-DSCI 10TH AISS DEC (New Delhi, India).
Mayank, Richa, and Anush
Received NVIDIA Innovation Award 2015
Aman, Shivangi, Ishan, Richa, and Mayank Vatsa
Received best poster award at BTAS2015 (Washington DC, USA)
Neha Jain, Vivek Ashok Bohara and Anubha Gupta
Received best poster award (honorable mention)  at IEEE ComsNets 2016 for the paper titled " Compressive Cooperative Communication with Decode and Forward Relay". More details on the conference:
Arpan Jati, Ankita Likhyani, Ankita Shukla, Manoj Gulati, Megha Agrawal, Tanya Shreedhar, Monika Singh
Awarded TCS Research Scholarship for the year 2015-16
Receives the IBM PhD Fellowship Award for 2015-2016
Priya, Parag and Vivek
Received the Best Poster award (Runner Up) at COMSNETS 2015 (Bangalore, India).
Ankush, Shubha and Vivek
Received the Best Poster award at IEEE ANTS 2014.
Received Third Prize at the IDRBT Doctoral Colloquium 2014.
Received the Best Doctoral Dissertation Award by the Indian Unit of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (IUPRAI) at ICVGIP2014.
Nipun and Amarjeet
Received best demo award at ACM Buildsys 2014 (Memphis, USA)
Anush, Prateekshit, Richa and Mayank
Received the best poster award at IEEE/IAPR IJCB2014 (Florida, USA)
Receives Indian National Academy of Engineering- Innovative Student Projects Award - 2014 - Doctoral Level.
Received best poster award at SoCS 2014
Venkatesh Vinayakarao (PhD)
Awarded PM Fellowship
Ashish Sureka
Awarded US Patent: US 8489530 B2
Ayatullah Maktoomi, M Hashmi
Best paper award at IMPACT 2013
Anush, Mayank and Richa
Received best poster award at BTAS 2013
Gaurav, Samarth, Mayank and Richa
Received best poster award at BTAS 2013
Ashish Sureka
Awarded US Patent: US 8468155 B2
Denzil (PhD)
For getting 1st prize at Hackathon organised by the Planning Commission, India
Srishti (Mtech) & Niharika (PhD)
For receiving 1st and 3rd best poster awards at IITK Security & Privacy Symposium.
Paridhi & Niharika (PhD)
For best student participation award at IITK Security & Privacy Symposium.
Pandarasamy Arjunan
For receiving the IBM PhD Fellowship Award for 2013-2014.
Kuldeep, Siddhartha, Lakshay, Akshit, Chirag, Sanchit, Umang, Aman
For winning The Whodunnit? Challenge by Microsoft Research India.
Madhur Hasija and Monika Gupta (PhD 1st year)
For Prime Minister's Fellowship
Samarth Bharadwaj
Won 3rd prize at the IDRBT Doctoral Colloquium, 2012
Gaurav and Vikram
For a 3 year research grant awarded by DIT
Anupama, Ashwin, and PK
Received Best Paper Award at seventh IEEE APWG eCrime Researchers Summit (eCRS) their paper "PhishAri: Automatic Realtime Phishing Detection on Twitter"
Aditi, Akshit and PK
Received third prize (among 37) for their poster "Twit-Digest: A Web based Tool to Analyze and Visualize Twitter in Real Time." at IBM I-CARE 2012
Anupama, Robin, Nipun and Madhvi
Selected for TCS Research Scholarship
Sunpreet, Richa and Mayank
Received best poster presentation award at BTAS2012 for their paper "On Iris Camera Interoperability".
Mohammad S. Hashmi
For his book on Advanced Microelectronics published by Springer
Kuldeep Yadav
For Google best presentation award at PhD Forum, 2012 ACM MobiSys
Ayushi Rastogi and Niharika Sachdeva
For TCS Research Scholarship
Somitra Sanadhya
For research grant from Naval Research Board
Ayushi Rastogi
For coming among top 3 in PhD poster presentation at Microsoft Techvista 2012.
Vinayak, Raja and Amarjeet
For receiving CRE research grant from National Geographic
Kuldeep Yadav & Amar Prakash Yadav
For NVIDIA academic grant for Tegra Prototype.
Tejas, Praful, Shruti & Siddhartha
For TCS Research Scholarship.
Raghav Sethi & Mayank Pundir
For developing a winning app at Yahoo! HackU @ IIT-Delhi.
Anupama Aggarwal & PK
PreCog members Anupama and PK awarded best paper award at CEAS 2011 for their paper "$oCiaL: The Phishing Landscape through Short URLs".
Samarth, Himanshu, Richa & Mayank
Awarded best poster award at IEEE/IAPR International Joint Conference on Biometrics, 2011 for their paper "On Co-training Online Biometric Classifiers".
Vikram Goyal
For his award of DST FAST research grant
Amarjeet Singh
For receiving IBM Faculty award.
Richa Singh
For her award of DST FAST research grant
Shishir Nagaraja
For a research grant awarded by DST
Somitra Sanadhya
For receiving grant from CAIR, DRDO for doing research on Randomness of Short Sequences.
Vinayak Naik and Amarjeet Singh
For receiving grant from Microsoft Research India for doing research in Mobile Computing.
Kuldeep Yadav
For receiving Microsoft Research India PhD Fellowship award.
Pushpendra Singh
For his award of DST FAST research grant.
Shishir Nagaraja
For receiving Google Faculty Research award.
Shishir Nagaraja
For receiving IBM Faculty award.
Ashish Sureka
For his award of DST FAST research grant.
Himanshu Bhatt
For receiving the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award for 2011-2012. Details.
Denzil, Aditi, and Paridhi
Denzil Correa (PhD 2nd yr), Aditi Gupta (PhD 1st yr), and Paridhi Jain (PhD 1st yr) awarded NIXI Travel Fellowship 2010.
Samarth, Himanshu, Richa & Mayank
Samarth Bharadwaj (PhD 2nd yr), Himanshu Bhatt (PhD 2nd yr), Richa Singh, Mayank Vatsa awarded IEEE BTAS best poster award for Face Recognition for Newborns: A Preliminary Study.
Anush & Paridhi
Anush Sankaran and Paridhi Jain (both PhD 1st year) got selected for TCS Research Scholarship.
Mayank Vatsa
For his award of DST FAST research grant.
Kuldeep and Amit Kumar
For their posters being selected for Microsoft Research's Techvista 2011.