Student Life

Although the institute aims to develop students academically, they also enjoy various extracurricular facilities.

There are about 18 active, student-driven clubs including the programming club Foobar and the software development club Byld, and other clubs like MadToes, AudioBytes, Ink., Trivialis, LitSoc, Tasveer, Hasratein, etc. These clubs regularly host intra-college competitions (academic as well as cultural) and sessions open to all students of the institute. List of clubs, and links to clubs' pages is available here.

Students enjoy 24-hour sporting access to modern sport facilities as well as a well-furnished gym. Intra-lIIT tournaments are held every semester. More about sports on its page.

There are two main student festivas - the technical festival Esya, which has now become one of the most vibrant tech-fests in Delhi, and the cultural festival Oddssey.  Both these festivals have large external participation and have various contests. III-T Delhi students also recently organized the TEDxIIITD event, which was hugely successful with excellent young inspirational speakers. In addition, there are internal sports and cultural events.

Student council  is the main elected student body which oversees all clubs and festivals. It has a budget which the council allocates to various clubs. Students can form new clubs, based on interests, with approval of the student council.

Student senate is another elected body, which focuses on academic issues. Students are also a major part of many governance units like the Hostel and Mess Committee. Overall, students, as an important stakeholder of the Institute, have a strong voice which they use responsibly.

Esya (technical) and Odyssey (cultural) are inter-college fests organized annually by the students.

Students also recently organized a TEDxIIITD event, which had a range of inspirational young speakers.