B.Tech (ECE) Streams and Other Information

The B.Tech in ECE program allows for limited specialization in various topics of ECE and non-ECE domains. Specialization in any area will involve taking multiple pre-specified courses in that area as listed below. It is not mandatory for a B.Tech student to specialize in one or more areas; however they are strongly encouraged to enhance their skill set by taking advantage of the specialized course structure. Irrespective of the streams a student wishes to specialize in, these courses are open to all eligible students as long as they meet the course pre-requisites; it is not necessary to do all courses of a stream/domain if a student does not wish to specialize in that area.
The list of the currently available streams and domains are given below. These elective courses can only be taken in the 3rd and 4th year of the B.Tech program. The nature of streams will evolve with time depending on the interests of faculty as well as relevance/importance of the areas. The courses offered is subject to change every year and new streams/domains will be added as when they are offered.

ECE Streams

  The current streams offered in IIIT-Delhi are:

      1. Circuits and VLSI

      2. Communications Engineering

      3. Signal and Image Processing

      4. Controls and Embedded Systems


Focussed Studies and Projects

IIIT-Delhi allows, and encourages, UG students to focus on selected areas of interest and develop research skills. Various avenues have been  provided to achieve this. BTech (ECE) students may choose any of these options in their 3rd and subsequent years.

      1. BTP - B.Tech. Project

      2. IS - Independent Study

      3. IP - Independent Project

      4. UR - Undergraduate Research

A student needs to have a CGPA of 7.5 or more to register for IS/IP/UR. Normally a student is allowed to register for at most one of IS/IP/UR in one semester, and the combined credit for IS/IP/UR/BTP should not exceed 8 in any semester.

Any B.Tech (ECE) student may register for BTP. More details on BTP is available here.

To register for these courses, a student needs to first get the consent of the instructor, then fill up the appropriate form and submit it to the BTP Coordinator / Academic office for approval.