B.Tech. Streams

Specialization in B.Tech.

The BTech in CSE program allows for limited specialization in various topics of CSE/IT and allied non-IT domains. Specialization in any area will involve taking multiple pre-specified courses in that area as listed below. It is not mandatory for a B.Tech. student to specialize in one or more areas; however they are strongly encouraged to enhance their skill set by taking advantage of the specialized course structure. Irrespective of the streams a student wishes to specialize in, these courses are open to all eligible students as long as they meet the course pre-requisites; it is not necessary to do all courses of a stream/domain if a student does not wish to specialize in that area.

The list of the currently available streams and domains are given below. These elective courses can only be taken in the 3rd and 4th year of the B.Tech. program. The courses offered is subject to change every year and new streams/domains will be added as when they are offered.

CSE Streams:

Non-IT Streams:

  • Finance stream: The goal of the Finance stream is to train students in finance in a manner that leverages the CS/IT background to produce specialized manpower which is sought after by finance industry and graduate programs. I.e. this stream will build competence in those areas of finance that effectively employ the CS/IT background. Also, while keeping a fair degree of rigor, the courses in the stream should be grounded in real finance world and should contain exercises and projects using real data, applying the models, tools, and techniques on them. The stream consists of two courses.
  • Biotechnology stream: The goal of this stream is to introduce students to fundamentals of biotechnology and demonstrate how IT could help to understand and resolve problems in this domain. In principal, this stream will provide them exposure to the biotechnology space and help them develop a basic understating of why and how it is so important for a better human life. Later, they will explore how knowledge and skills of IT could be applied to solve various problems / limitation in the area of bioengineering. We want that students should get sufficient exposure to decide if they would like to do their B.Tech. project, and may be higher studies, in this incredibly promising area of IT application. The stream consists of two courses.
  • Entrepreneurship stream: The goal of this stream is to develop entrepreneurship abilities and desires in students who may have an inclination towards it. The desired outcomes of this stream on such student's capabilities and knowledge are that at the end of the stream a student will have the following skills/capabilities:
    • The entrepreneurial desire/fire within the student will have been further developed
    • Ability to conceptualize a sound entrepreneurial venture,
    • Basic knowledge (of laws, capital, organization, etc) to start and run an entrepreneurial venture

    Currently, it is envisaged as a two-course stream, to be offered to BTech students in the last two semesters of their program.

  • Computational Biology stream: Any three courses of
  • Economics stream: Any two courses of